Sapphic Slow-burn romances

disguised or living as a man

Disguised or living as a man (Sapphic Reading Challenge #33)

This week’s category of the Sapphic Reading Challenge features books about main characters who are either women who disguise themselves as men out of necessity or genderqueer people who were assigned female at birth but might identify as nonbinary or as trans men (even though the book might not use those terms since most books on this list are historical romances).   Read up on the rules of the Sapphic Reading Challenge If you are only discovering the Sapphic Reading Challenge now, the good news is you can still join! It’s a year-long challenge, so it runs until December 31, …

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books with nonbinary & trans characters

Books with Nonbinary & Trans Characters (Crossword Challenge #18)

  I had decided early on to include a puzzle featuring nonbinary and trans characters in the Crossword Challenge, but with trans people still being killed for who they are and celebrities such as JK Rowling making transphobic statements, it feels more timely than ever to feature books with trans representation. By the way, if you feel that JK Rowling’s statements aren’t anti-trans, take a look at this Twitter thread that explains why they are. This week’s puzzle includes more than twice as many books as the previous puzzles because I wanted to feature books with nonbinary characters, trans women, …

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