Sapphic mystery novels (Sapphic Reading Challenge #30)

sapphic mystery novels

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge features sapphic mystery novels–a novel in which the plot revolves around a murder or another crime that needs to be solved. 

Mystery novels with a queer female crime-solving badass have a strong tradition. Even before I discovered romance novels between women, I was reading mainstream-published books featuring lesbian detectives such as the Kate Martinelli series by Laurie King and the Kate Delafield series by Katherine V. Forrest or private investigators such as the Lauren Laurano series by Sandra Scoppettone. 

I’ve included some of these classics along with more recently published mystery novels. 

Character rocks a power suit (Sapphic Reading Challenge #28)

character rocks a power suit

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge features books with a main character who rocks a power suit.

Nowadays, women’s business attire is a little more casual and leaves room for individuality, but if the main character works in certain professions–as a lawyer, CEO, executive, or politician, for example–she might still be regularly seen wearing a pantsuit or a skirt suit, looking self-assured and in control. 

Nonbinary character (Book Unicorn #7)

nonbinary character

It’s Nonbinary Awareness Week, so what better time to celebrate books with nonbinary characters?

Nonbinary people still don’t get to see themselves represented in books, but there are some great books featuring nonbinary protagonists.

What does nonbinary mean?

Nonbinary is an umbrella term for gender identities that fall outside of the gender binary. Nonbinary people—sometimes called Enby (from NB)—don’t identify as male or female (at least not exclusively or all the time).

Under that umbrella fall a wide range of experiences: Some nonbinary people don’t feel they have a gender, while others move back and forth between feeling male and feeling female or have two genders at the same time. Check out the Nonbinary Wiki for more details on different nonbinary identities.

Sapphic book recommended by a friend (Sapphic Reading Challenge #23)

book recommended by a friend

This week’s category of the Sapphic Reading Challenge is a little different from the others. Instead of reading a book from a list I put together, I want you to read a WLW or lesbian book that was recommended to you by a friend. (And we’ll interpret the term “friend” very loosely here—any acquaintances you made on social media count as a friend as far as this category is concerned!)

So, if you have friends who are also avid readers of WLW & lesbian fiction, go ask one of them for a recommendation. If none of your friends read books about women-loving women, feel free to let us know what kind of books you enjoy and ask for a recommendation in the comments or drop by my Facebook group for readers and ask for a book recommendation there.

Sapphic Thriller (Book Unicorn #6)

sapphic thrillers

It’s time for another Book Unicorn category: sapphic thrillers! 

A thriller is a suspenseful, fast-paced novel with high stakes—if the protagonist doesn’t stop the villain, her life or even the fate of the world might be in danger.

There are several subgenres such as action thriller, spy thriller, crime thriller, disaster thriller, legal thriller, medical thriller, supernatural thriller, and psychological thriller.