sapphic horror novel

Sapphic horror novel (Book Unicorn #10)

It’s time for another Book Unicorn category: sapphic horror novels! Horror novels generally aim to invoke feelings of dread, fear, and anxiety in readers. In short: These books are meant to be scary! There’s some overlap with other genres such as psychological thrillers and paranormal and other speculative fiction since the scary element is often a supernatural entity such as demons, zombies, ghosts, etc.   Free paranormal romance (October 13-17) Speaking of paranormal… Before I share the book list for the sapphic horror category, I would like to share a free book with you. If you don’t already have my …

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adventure in nature book

Adventure in nature (Sapphic Reading Challenge #40)

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge features sapphic books with an adventure in nature. 

The book’s plot revolves around an outdoor adventure, e.g., hiking, kayaking, rafting, sailing, rock climbing, snow-shoeing, etc., or just trying to survive in nature.

It could be a planned trip the characters are taking together for fun, or it could be a fight for survival in the wilderness.

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Girl-next-door character

Girl-next-door character (Sapphic Reading Challenge #39)

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge features sapphic books with a girl-next-door character.

“Girl next door” doesn’t mean that the main characters need to actually be neighbors and live door-to-door. It means that one of the main characters is the “girl next door” type—sweet, kind, and unpretentious. She’s generally well-liked by everyone, and she’s often described as pretty or cute, but usually, she’s not movie-star stunning.

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pansexual or bisexual character

Pansexual or bisexual character (Sapphic Reading Challenge #37)

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge features books with a bisexual main character or a pansexual main character. 

A bisexual person is someone who’s attracted to two or more genders, while a pansexual person is someone who’s attracted to people regardless of gender.

Important note: A female character who is solely attracted to women is a lesbian, even if she slept with men in the past, before figuring out she’s a lesbian. Sexual orientation is defined by who you are attracted to, not by who you sleep with. 

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re-read a favorite book

Re-read a favorite book (Sapphic Reading Challenge #35)

It’s time for another special category of the Sapphic Reading Challenge. This one doesn’t come with a list of suggested reads either. Instead, I want you to re-read one of your favorite books featuring a sapphic protagonist.

Reconnecting with your favorite characters can be fun, and I often discover new things and deeper layers whenever I re-read one of my favorites. So if you’ve been meaning to read one of your all-time favorite novels again, now’s the time to do it!

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character works in the food industry

Sapphic character works in the food industry (Sapphic Reading Challenge #34)

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge category features characters who work in the food industry. The protagonist could be a chef, a baker, a pastry chef, a waitress, or a caterer, or maybe they own a restaurant, a bakery, an ice cream shop, or some other yummy place.

People working with beverages count too for this category, so the main character could also work as a barista, a bartender, a winemaker, etc.

Most of the books on the list below are foodie romances that might cause some serious food cravings and are best enjoyed with a snack of your choice!

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Literary Easter Egg Book Giveaway

Literary Easter Egg Book Giveaway

Have you ever heard the term “literary Easter egg”?

Literary Easter eggs are references or messages that authors insert into their books. It can be characters from previous books making an appearance or being mentioned or a shout-out to a fellow author. For example, in my novel Falling Hard, the characters are reading Without a Front by Fletcher DeLancey.

The term originated in the video game industry, where it refers to hidden messages or objects in the games.

Some literary Easter eggs are pretty obvious, while others are more subtle and more well-hidden so you might not notice them on your first reading of the book.

Usually, literary Easter eggs aren’t important for the plot, so if you don’t pick up on them, it won’t take away from the enjoyment of the story. You won’t even notice there’s something you missed. But if you do detect them, it’s like an extra treat.

If you have read a few of my books, you know I love connecting my books and putting in a couple of Easter eggs. It’s like sharing an inside joke with my loyal, eagle-eyed readers.

My latest novel, Chemistry Lessons, has more literary Easter eggs than any of my previous books, so I thought I would create an Easter egg hunt contest. Find out the rules & prizes you can win by clicking on the title of this post!

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