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Glimpses by Jae, Lee Winter, Lola Keeley, A.L. Brooks, Cheyenne Blue, Fiona Zedde, Chris Zett, Quinn Ivins


8 short stories about women-loving women

Eight authors of women-loving-women fiction have come together to reveal glimpses into the lives of some of their most popular characters.

Includes Jae’s short story “Lucky Yellow Shoes,” a mini sequel to her romance Wrong Number, Right Woman.

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Facing the Music by Jae

Facing the Music

Pop star Leontyne Blake is about to introduce her new songs to her fans. But is her relationship with small-town nurse Holly ready for her return to the stage?

“Facing the Music” is a short story sequel to Jae’s f/f romance Perfect Rhythm.

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The Romance Bet by Jae

The Romance Bet

Reporter Abby James prides herself on never having read a romance novel. She thinks they’re formulaic, shallow, easy-to-write drivel—until romance author Tamara Brennan challenges her to write one.

Is it possible that Abby will find the outcome of that bet not so predictable after all?

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The Christmas Oak by Jae

The Christmas Oak

Lucinda “Luke” Hamilton sets out to bring home a Christmas tree—but she finds something else.

“The Christmas Oak” is a romantic short story set in 1857. It’s part of Jae’s popular Oregon series, which started with Backwards to Oregon.

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