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sapphic enemies-to-lovers romance

Sapphic enemies-to-lovers romance novels (Sapphic Reading Challenge #1)

Welcome to the Sapphic Reading Challenge 2021! I hope you had a good start into the new year and are ready for the first category: enemies-to-lovers romance novels!

In an enemies-to-lovers romance, the two main characters start out hating or disliking each other. Maybe their personalities are clashing, or they are rivals in their jobs, or they have a history that turned them into enemies. The protagonists might spend a portion of the book butting heads, but the sexual tension between them is undeniable.

books with pansexual and bisexual characters

WLW Books with Pansexual & Bisexual Characters (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #16)

It’s Pride Month, and it’s also LGBT+ Book Month, so the next three crossword puzzles will feature books with characters on the LGBTQIA spectrum. This week’s puzzle is about f/f books with pansexual and bisexual characters; next week’s puzzle will feature books about asexual and ace spectrum characters, and the week after, I’ll post a puzzle featuring books with nonbinary and trans characters.   You can still solve previous puzzles & win ebooks! If you haven’t solved all the previous puzzles yet, you can still do so! For every solution you send in, you get an entry into the drawing …

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f/f romance author Melissa Brayden

Interview with sapphic romance author Melissa Brayden & a book giveaway

  It’s time for the next interview & book giveaway! This week, popular f/f romance author Melissa Brayden took time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions. Melissa has just published her fourteenth romance novel with Bold Strokes Book, and she’s giving away an e-book copy of her small-town romance Beautiful Dreamer, so don’t miss the giveaway at the end of this post.   Welcome, Melissa. Please tell us a little about your latest release, Beautiful Dreamer. Oh, I’d be happy to! Beautiful Dreamer can best be described as a small-town, homecoming romance. Devyn is a big shot …

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