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WLW & lesbian slow-burn romance novels (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #4)

  I hope you are having fun with the F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge! For our fourth puzzle, I picked one of my favorite tropes: wlw and lesbian slow-burn romance novels. Slow-burn romances are novels in which the romance develops gradually. Instead of falling in love or jumping into bed in chapter 1, the characters take the time to really get to know each other, forming a deeper connection, and that’s what I like about this kind of romance novels.   A big shout-out to my helpers! Before I give you the clues, though, I’d like to thank all the people …

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WLW & Lesbian Books from Ylva Publishing

WLW & lesbian books from Ylva Publishing – (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #2)

  If you have taken a look at the schedule for the F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge, you know that I put together puzzles for several publishing houses that publish WLW & lesbian books. Every publisher whose authors submitted enough clues will get their own crossword puzzle—and indie authors will get a puzzle too. Today, I’d like to start with my own publisher, so here’s the Ylva Publishing crossword puzzle. If you are discovering the F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge only now, read up on the rules and prizes, then come back here and try to solve the Ylva puzzle. You can …

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Discovering lesbian fiction and the Sexiness of Paperbacks (Finding Ms. Write Book Tour)

Today, A.L. Brooks, author of lesbian erotic romance, is guest-blogging about her contribution to our “book people” anthology Finding Ms. Write.  So, here’s A.L. Brooks:  Paperbacks are sexy! For me, there is nothing better than sitting back in an armchair, preferably with a good glass of red wine by my side, and turning the first page of a real book. The crispness of the paper. The pristine print of the characters on the page. That smell that only a freshly minted book can carry. Paper, not pixels. Pounds and ounces, not megabytes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not …

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