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Sapphic Valentine’s Day romances (Sapphic Book Bingo #4)

Valentine's Day romance

Since it’s the week of Valentine’s Day, this category of the Sapphic Book Bingo features sapphic Valentine’s Day romances.

At least one scene of the book needs to take place on Valentine’s Day.


15 sapphic Valentine’s Day romances

Below, you’ll find 15 recommended sapphic Valentine’s Day romances:


Bachelorette Number Twelve by Jae

A kind ER nurse accidentally wins a date with a prickly doctor at a singles auction

Ellie Fisher loves most things about being a nurse in the emergency department…just not working with Regina Novak, an icy attending physician who acts as if she’s God’s gift to medicine.

The dislike is completely mutual. Regina thinks Ellie is a starry-eyed romantic with a sentimental attitude that has no place at work.

When Regina gets talked into volunteering at a singles auction, Ellie accidentally bids on her—and ends up winning. Oops!

Since the money raised is for a good cause, they reluctantly decide to go through with the dates. Thanks to a baking class that turns into a competition and a hot-as-hell road trip snack incident, the ice between them starts to thaw. Is it possible the ER isn’t the most unromantic place on earth after all?

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Apple Books


Ylva Publishing


Sipping & Swooning by Karmen Lee

Alice Lim had one rule.

Customers were off limits.

It was normally not a problem given that most of the Sin Den’s clientele was looking for entertainment of the male variety. Still, the hours were good and the tips large. Look but don’t touch was easy…before her.

Janelle Love didn’t plan for this.

She could handle being dumped after a seven-year relationship. She could even handle coralling the other bridesmaids at her baby sister’s bachelorette party. But leaving without getting the attractive bartender’s number just might be her undoing. When a last minute change throws them back together, will she let the past keep her from a promising future?

This Valentine’s Day novella is full of steam and heart just in time to heat up your holiday season!

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All I Want for Valentine’s by Clare Lydon

They’re finally together. Cue family chaos…

Tori & Holly hooked up just before Christmas, and now they’re ready to face the New Year as a loved-up couple. Well, that was the initial plan. Enter Holly’s dad, step-mum, toddler sister and all manner of distractions… The next six weeks aren’t what they envisaged, but it’s amazing how romance can still bloom in the strangest circumstances!

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Miss Havisham Says Yes by Eule Grey

Kind-hearted redhead Cindi has a lot on her mind: Gran, college exams, bills, and what to wear at the Valentine’s Day student ball. She needs a Cinderella dress, glittery shoes, and a girlfriend to cuddle up with. What a pity fairy tales are only for kids. Aren’t they? All is not lost. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and the sweetest magic is in the air … Cindi takes a tumble while mopping the floor and bangs her head. She opens her dizzy eyes to the gift of one magical wish. What will it be?

Tara, the climber. Childhood friend and daughter of Cindi’s employers. Wealthy, lithe, sexy, and thoughtful. Tara’s wish? To climb Mount Everest and to spend time with gorgeous Cindi. She’d love to take her best friend on a date to the college ball — and then go all the way from blushing student to confident girlfriend, from shy Cinderella to dancing queen. Pumpkin to … moped.

When two wishes collide, a spark is ignited, powerful enough to tickle anyone’s peak. When everything is laid bare, only one sparkling question remains: Will Miss Havisham say yes?

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Apple Books


Take Two by Stephanie Shea

Being in love is Whitney Dimaano’s favorite past time. Though lately, she can’t seem to get it right. She’s tried—she is trying—but it just hasn’t…clicked, and maybe her time would be better spent focusing on all the things that are actually good in her life. The gym she all but built with her own two hands, the new-found bond with her brother and sister, her friends… Anything but chasing the ghost of how it felt with the woman who left her behind.

Award-winning documentarian Andy Vahn dreamed of being an extraordinary filmmaker. Her recipe for success is a fusion of meticulous planning, diligence, and never letting anything stand in her way. Not even love. When a trip to convince a misanthropic celebrity chef to appear in her docuseries leads her home, Andy knows it won’t be easy. Least of all because she hasn’t been back in six years. Hasn’t seen Whitney in six years. Still, it’s true what they say. You never forget your first.

Maybe Andy’s return is the closure Whitney needs. But what if all it does is reaffirm Andy’s deepest fear?

She should never have left.

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Unwrap Me by Abigail Taylor

Ashton and Willow have been engaged for over a year, but their wedding has been pushed to the back burner as life becomes too busy.

Willow has been focused on growing her candle and soap company, and Ashton has been busy helping and supporting her along the way. However, she misses the intimacy they used to share and the passionate lovemaking that has become less frequent.

Deciding that they need to find their way back to each other, Ashton books a Valentine’s getaway, hoping to spice things up with Willow.

Could this trip be just what they need to bring romance back into their lives, or has their desire been overshadowed by ambition?

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Lancelot: Her Story by Carol Anne Douglas

A young girl sees a man rape and murder her mother. She grabs a stick and puts out his eye. Her father raises her as a boy so she will be safe from men’s attacks. She practices and practices until she becomes a great fighter – Lancelot. She wants to protect women, and she does. Lancelot hears about King Arthur, a just king across the sea, and journeys to earn a place at Camelot. She vows to serve him, but fears that Arthur and his men will discover that she is a woman and send her away. Lancelot is shocked to realize that she is falling in love with the king’s wife, Guinevere.

Guinevere is a strong woman who would have preferred to be queen in her own right, not through marriage. Saxons attack Arthur’s kingdom, and Lancelot finds out that fighting a war is far different from saving women in single combat. The savagery of war devastates her.

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The Wedding Setup by Charlotte Greene

Ryann is thrilled when her friend Stuart asks her to help him plan his last-minute wedding. He moved across the country over a year ago, and she misses him like crazy. As an executive with event planning experience, Ryann’s the best person to help him fulfill his wildest wedding dreams.

However, things in Colorado are not what she expects, especially Maddie, the maid of honor for the other groom. Maddie is attractive, and while she’s certainly Ryann’s type, she has some different ideas about the wedding. Also, flirting with her is incredibly distracting, especially when Ryann just wants to keep things professional. With just two weeks to the big event on Valentine’s Day, can Ryann help Stuart to wedded bliss, and avoid his well-intentioned attempts to set her up with Maddie?

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Bold Strokes Books


Apple Books


Heart of Murder by Edale Lane

Love and murder are in the air.

The rape and murder of a young woman in the park launches Lt. Ferrari and her team into high gear. Was a deadly predator stalking the city, or was it a crime of passion?

Then, Jenna’s long-lost first love Tori shows up unexpectedly, jarring Jenna’s emotions when she needs to focus on the case, and prompting her to determine who she truly loves.

Randi lays down the law when she witnesses a Facebook video of Jenna being shot at during a street chase after being told, “it was just a regular day.” However, her dog, Byron, may be the key to solving Jenna’s murder case.

Who killed the woman in the park and why? And what revelations will Valentine’s Day bring for Jenna, Tori, and Randi?

Continue to match wits with Detective Jenna Ferrari and the criminals she encounters while pursuing her romantic ventures with college professor Randi McLeod. Can a tough cop and a tender teacher weather the trial of an interfering ex?

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The Ex Emergency by J.R. Hart

Taylor just wanted to spend a Valentine’s Day alone.

Last year, Taylor spent Valentine’s Day with her ex, and that ended… explosively, to say the least. This year, she has everything planned out: wine, chocolate, and a good movie on TV.

There’s only one issue.

When Beck lands in the emergency room after a skateboarding mishap, they’re expecting to take it easy for the evening, but a concussion leaves them unable to drive and in need of an emergency caregiver. The hospital resorts to their emergency contact—their ex, Taylor, who they forgot to remove from their medical records.

Stuck taking care of Beck for the night, Taylor has to see if she’s ready to reconnect, or if they’re both destined for a repeat of the disastrous date from the year before.

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Keeping Score by Jo Cox

Life isn’t a fairy tale and Jax knows that all too well. She’s practical, pragmatic, and able to cope with anything the world throws at her, including a bar stool in a blackout or the slimy advances of her so-called arch nemesis, who seems hell bent on exploiting The Blues for his own gains.

Even when confronted with the woman who broke her heart, she knows what she has to do. After all, Carolyn is everything the club needs, and everything Jax wants. Why wouldn’t she let her back in?

But can Carolyn really believe that no one is keeping score and if they are, who’s winning?

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The Perfect Match by Milena McKay

A cupid’s life is hard.

There are so many rules.

Rule Number 1: Graduate from the Cupids’ Academy.

Rule Number 2: Attend the Annual Cupids’ Convention in Las Vegas.

Rule Number 3: When shooting your arrows and bringing love to people, strive for the Perfect Match.

When junior cupid Abby Angellini, fresh from Cupid Academy, heads to Sin City, she runs smack into her idol. Sabine Goddard is the one cupid who has a faultless record when it comes to slinging arrows and bringing people together. The stats for her own love life, however, aren’t nearly as great.

Sparks fly as Cinnamon Roll meets the Queen of the Perfect Match and the word quiver takes on an entirely new meaning.

Available at:



Destiny by Cara Malone

It’s the most romantic time of year, and the Emerald Mountain Ski Resort staff are working overtime to transform it into a Valentine’s Day destination.

Travel photographer Haley Thomas arrives on the mountain reluctant but determined to cover the festivities for her magazine. Single and recently scorned, she’s dreading the next two weeks of couple’s massages, wine tastings and moonlight walks surrounded by people in love. Even the staff are hot and flirty… or maybe that’s just Haley’s heartache talking.

But when a white-out catches Haley unprepared and underdressed, romance is the least of her worries.

She’s disoriented and shivering when someone reaches through the storm and pulls her into an unoccupied cabin. As the blizzard rages outside, Haley meets her savior—the admirer she’d noticed before, a tall, dark and handsome woman named Destiny. And those sultry looks? Haley wasn’t imagining them.

Des builds a fire in the hearth and kindles another in Haley’s core. Snowed in on Valentine’s Day, Haley can’t resist Cupid’s arrow—or Des herself. At least until the storm lets up.

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The Valentine’s Gift by Sage Donnell

Kade and Aiesha have been dating for a little over a month now. Everything is great, except maybe that their dogs are still working on getting to know each other.

When Kade gets a Valentine’s card in the mail from Aiesha, she’s thrilled at the invitation within. However, she hadn’t given Valentine’s Day nearly as much thought. Will she be able to come up with a commiserate gift or is she the worst girlfriend ever?

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Tell Me What You Want by Johana Gavez

A failed blind date turns into the start of an unexpected connection.

Since her divorce four years before, love hasn’t been in the cards for Olivia Fernández. She focuses on work, her children, and the occasional fleeting encounter that never becomes more. The last thing she wants for Valentine’s Day is to be set up on yet another date that will end with her bed warm but her heart as lonely as ever.

Canceling the date arranged by her nosy friends should be simple and the end of any interaction with Isabela Santamaría, CEO of Santamaría Media. Except, life insists on putting Isabela on Olivia’s path and she can’t deny her attraction and the easy connection they share.

Not falling for the woman she initially rejected becomes harder than expected the more time they spend together and explore their chemistry in bed. Will passion turn into love for Olivia and Isabela?

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Apple Books


Charm City by Monica McCallan

Taylor Tate has one last chance to turn things around. As the owner of Charm City Events, she needs her upcoming week of Valentine’s Day events to go off without a hitch. She’s painstakingly planned every detail down to the last red heart decoration, but what Taylor doesn’t plan on is the less than enthusiastic bar manager she’s paired with stumbling into her life at the worst possible time, making things more difficult every step of the way.

Carson Smith is getting by fine. She loves her job as the bar manager at Second Chances, a dive bar staple of the Baltimore landscape, and she doesn’t need anything or anyone disrupting the delicate balance she’s finally created. Especially for a stupid Valentine’s gimmick to take advantage of desperate singles. When the owner of the bar forces her to work with an event planning company to drum up business, she has no choice but to begrudgingly agree. It’s either play along or see the bar close, and she can’t let that happen.

It’s only a week, but time passes differently when there’s love in the air and too much on the line, and both women soon find their lives, and hearts, intertwined as they work together to make the week a success.

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  1. Question: why is Destiny: Valentine’s on Emerald Mountain by Cara Malone on this list?

    I just read it is a story centered around christmas there is no valentine in sight.

    • I haven’t read it yet, but the blurb clearly indicates that at least one scene takes place on Valentine’s Day. It says: Snowed in on Valentine’s Day, Haley can’t resist Cupid’s arrow—or Des herself.

      Is it possible you read “Joy: Christmas on Emerald Mountain” and not “Destiny: Valentine’s on Emerald Mountain”? Similar titles, but not the same book.


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