Sapphic Slow-burn romances

Sapphic Romance Week

Sapphic Romance Week

Greetings, fellow fans of sapphic romance!

Since February is the month of love, I’m thrilled to invite you to Sapphic Romance Week—a week-long event celebrating sapphic romance novels.

Join me and 77 fellow authors for seven days filled with captivating love stories. Each day is dedicated to one of the most popular sapphic romance tropes.

Dive into the festivities, and get a daily chance to win one of 10+ incredible books, each specially selected to match the day’s theme.

Day 1 (February 12): Sapphic ice queen romances

Sapphic Romance Week starts with one of the most beloved character archetypes in sapphic fiction: Ice queens—formidable women with a frosty demeanor.

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Day 2 (February 13): Sapphic fake relationship romances

Day two celebrates fake dating romances in which the characters only pretend to be romantically involved…until they realize that their feelings are not so fake after all.

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Day 3 (February 14): Sapphic age gap romances

On day three, our focus turns to age gap romances, exploring the dynamic between characters with a significant age difference.

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Day 4 (February 15): Sapphic enemies-to-lovers romances

Day four highlights enemies-to-lovers romances, as the characters navigate a journey from animosity to passion and love.

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Day 5 (February 16): Sapphic toaster oven romances

On day 5, we delve into toaster oven romances, also known as “sapphic awakening,” where a character embarks on a journey of self-discovery, discovering and exploring their attraction to women for the first time.

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Day 6 (February 17): Sapphic celebrity romances

Day six invites you into the glamorous world of celebrity romances, where the focus is on the love shared between a star and an “ordinary” person or the challenges of navigating love in the public eye.

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Day 7 (February 18): Sapphic friends-to-lovers romances

Day seven explores romances in which two friends start having romantic feelings for each other.

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