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WLW & lesbian paranormal romance & paranormal fiction (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #9)

lesbian paranormal romance


This week’s F/F Fiction Crossword Puzzle covers WLW & lesbian paranormal romance and paranormal fiction novels.

Paranormal books are set in a world that looks like our current, ordinary world at first glance—but paranormal creatures and supernatural beings such as werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, demons, or ghosts exist along with humans.


Read up on the rules

If you are discovering the F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge only now, read up on the rules and prizes, then come back here and try to solve the WLW & lesbian paranormal romance & paranormal fiction puzzle. You can also still send in the solutions for the previous puzzles.

You can either download the crossword grid by right-clicking on the picture below or download the PDF with the crossword grid and the clues. You don’t necessarily need a printer to play. You don’t need to send in the filled-out puzzle; all you need to do is email me the solution phrase.


So, here’s the WLW & lesbian paranormal romance & paranormal fiction puzzle:

lesbian paranormal romance puzzle

Here are the clues for the WLW & lesbian paranormal romance & paranormal fiction puzzle:

Reminder: Apostrophes and hyphens take up a square of their own!

  1. Second Nature by Jae: What kind of weapon does Griffin use to escape her sister?
  2. Cursed Hearts by C. L. Cattano: What type of stone is in the necklace Molly finds inside the old trunk?
  3. Ambereye by Gill McKnight: Number of stud muffins Jolie tried to buy.
  4. Good Enough to Eat by Jae & Alison Grey: What is Robin’s preferred drink?
  5. Heart of the Pack by Jenny Frame: Alpha of the Wolfgang County pack.
  6. Target by L.C. Mawson: What’s the name of the part-Fae member of Caroline’s team?
  7. Chasing Shadows by Lila Bruce: What does Cam hunt?
  8. Temper: Deference by Lila Mina: What kind of martial arts does Lana practice?
  9. Stay by Mildred Gail Digby: What kind of food does Benny bring Jade?
  10. In the Shadow of Darkness by Nicole Stiling: Fearsome vampire who turned Angeline into one of the undead.
  11. This Time by S.W. Andersen: What city does Elena live in?
  12. Earth Angel by Siri Caldwell: What kind of pet does Gwynne have many of?
  13. Paradigm by Yvonne Heidt: Jazz Miller has been haunted and tortured for years by this since she was locked in an abandoned asylum years ago.
  14. The Protector by Bridget Essex: What musical instrument does Elizabeth play?
  15. The Midnight Hunt by L.L. Raand: What is Sylvan not wearing the first time she and Drake meet?


Check back for hints

If you are struggling to solve the puzzle, check back this weekend. I’ll invite the authors to post hints in the comments section of this blog that will help you solve the puzzle. Some authors will also drop by my Facebook Reader Group to give you some hints.


Send me the solution to be entered into the drawing for the WLW & lesbian paranormal romance & paranormal fiction puzzle

Once you solved the WLW & lesbian paranormal romance & paranormal fiction puzzle, send me the solution phrase, and you’ll be entered into the drawing for:

To be entered into the drawing, send me the solution by April 19, 10 a.m. CET. I’ll draw the winners using a random numbers generator.

You’ll also be entered into the drawing for the grand prize at the end of the year, with a chance to win a book package, plus an autograph book full of autographs of popular WLW & lesbian fiction authors.

You’ll find my email address on my contact page.


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Happy reading and crossword-puzzling!

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8 thoughts on “WLW & lesbian paranormal romance & paranormal fiction (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #9)”

  1. Here’s a hint for #1 (Second Nature): Griffin and Jorie talk about this “weapon” in chapter 6, and Griffin uses it on her sister in chapter 20.

  2. Hint for #8 – it’s a martial arts where people don’t kick and punch, but get thrown around a lot and where they wear black flowing pants.

  3. Hint for #12 Down: These pets are cute and furry and… Oh wait, was this hint supposed to HELP? Ok, ok, they’re herbivores.


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