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Heart Trouble by Jae

Heart Trouble 

Sometimes the heart works in mysterious ways

Dr. Hope Finlay loves her job as an emergency room physician, especially since it allows her only brief encounters with her patients. She learned early in life not to get attached to anyone because it never lasts.

Laleh Samadi, a waitress at her aunt’s restaurant, is the exact opposite. She easily connects with people and loves her big, boisterous Persian family, despite their tendency to meddle in her life.

When Laleh needs to be rushed to the ER with heart trouble, Hope saves her life. Afterwards, strange things begin to occur: Why does Laleh suddenly know even the most obscure diseases, while Hope is fluent in Farsi?

Soon, they can no longer deny that there’s a mysterious connection between them—one that becomes stronger with each passing day.

Are they losing their minds…or their hearts?

Publication date: October 2016

Length: 109,000 words / 312 pages

Award: Rainbow Award Winner 2017, 1st Place (Lesbian Contemporary and Erotic Romance)

Tropes & themes: Medical romance, toaster oven romance, romance with a twist

Heart Trouble is full of tension and difficulties balanced with humor and romantic interludes that will thrill and entertain. The premise is creative and intriguing. It’s a story filled with sensuousness and imagination, written with skill and delivered with a dash of spice by an award-winning author.
An interesting concept and likeable, relatable characters.

The Lesbian Review

Loved the storyline, loved the characters and especially loved the twist.
Les Rêveur

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