F/F Sports Romance Novels (Lesbian Book Bingo #23)

Is it just me, or has there recently been an uptick in the number of f/f sports romance novels lately? Lesfic romance novels about heroines who are professional athletes seem to be pretty popular right now. There’s just something about athletic women with a passion for winning that lends itself to a hot romance novel.

You don’t even have to like sports in order to enjoy sports romance novels. I recently edited Romancing the Kicker by Catherine Lane and very much enjoyed it, even though I don’t know a thing about American football. So even if you’re not into sports, read on and give these sports romances a chance.


I’ve put together a list of 15 f/f sports romance books I hope you’ll enjoy.

Switchback_S.W. Andersen

Switchback by S.W. Andersen

Life is full of twists and turns.
After an accident on the track lands Sierra in Kara’s on-site medical center, the doctor suddenly finds she has more on her mind that work. Blindsided by mutual attraction, Sierra and Kara struggle to accept their feelings for each other and to deal with the change it brings.
Will love be enough? Or will life’s little switchbacks send them both careening off course?

Available at:
Audible (audio book)

Code of Conduct_Cheyenne Blue

Code of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue

Top ten tennis player Viva Jones had the world at her feet. Then a lineswoman’s bad call knocked her out of the US Open, and injury crushed her career. While battling to return to the game, a chance meeting with the same sexy lineswoman forces Viva to rethink the past…and the present. There’s just one problem: players and officials can’t date. A lesbian romance about breaking all the rules.

Available at:
Ylva Publishing
Apple iBooks

Touch_Kris Bryant

Touch by Kris Bryant

As the go-to therapist at Elite Therapy, Dr. Hayley Sims is the best in her field. It’s exactly why she’s just been assigned her most challenging patient yet, hockey player Elizabeth Stone.

Available at:
Bold Strokes Books
Apple iBooks
Audible (audio book)

Training Ground_Kate Christie

Training Ground (Girls of Summer, book 1) by Kate Christie

In Book One of the Girls of Summer series, soccer players Jamie Maxwell and Emma Blakeley meet at a tournament in Southern California. Neither girl expects their chance encounter to form the basis of a bond that will last across years and miles, from youth national team try-outs to the 2015 World Cup–and beyond.

Available at:
Apple iBooks

Out of Left Field_Barbara Clanton

Out of Left Field: Marlee’s Story by Barbara L. Clanton

High school junior Marlee McAllister lives and breathes softball. For reasons Marlee doesn’t understand, she’s drawn to a rival team’s left fielder. Struggling to maintain her grades, dealing with the ever-increasing estrangement from her best friend, and handling the pressures of pitching, Marlee also has to confront the bittersweet realities of what it might mean to be gay.

Available at:
Regal Press Enterprises

Illegal Contact_Becky Harmon

Illegal Contact by Becky Harmon

Flagler Security agent Jamison Krews has agreed to protect a long-time friend’s sister. Quarterback Shea Carter has more important things to focus on than the supposed threat to her life–like a National Championship. Will Jamison be able to convince Shea that she’s more than a babysitter and gain her trust–and her heart–before it’s too late?

Available at:
Bella Books
Apple iBooks

The You Know Who Girls_Annameekee Hesik

The You Know Who Girls: Freshman Year by Annameekee Hesik

As they begin freshman year, Abbey Brooks and her best friend Kate pinky swear they’ll keep away from the lesbians in Gila High, but Abbey already suspects she’s one of those you-know-who girls herself and slowly learns who her true friends really are. Sometimes promises can’t be kept. And sometimes girls in uniform are impossible to resist.

Available at:
Bold Strokes Books
Apple iBooks

Off Pitch_Brianna Kienitz

Off Pitch (Pitch Prodigies, book 1) by Brianna Kienitz

Soccer star Adeline Fahey has never taken an interest in the world outside of the pitch. Then Gabriella Soto, the teaching assistant in Adeline’s dreaded Beginning Spanish class, walks onto her playing field. After a drunken night in a T-rex costume boots their hearts onto a collision course, Adeline and Gabriella must tackle a field of school scandal, homophobic parents, and their own passionate career goals to have a shot at something more.

Available at:
NineStar Press

Gold_EJ Noyes

Gold by E.J. Noyes

Pro alpine skier Aspen Archer’s career ended after a crash at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She picked up her broken body and now hides in comfortable obscurity at ski resorts around the world.
Cate Tierney has been hurt by a past relationship and has a teenage daughter to protect, yet her initial reluctance is quickly overcome by her intense attraction to Aspen. But with Cate’s vacation ending in a few short weeks and Aspen’s aversion to staying in one place, can their encounter be anything more than a fling?

Available at:
Bella Books
Apple iBooks

The Change-Up_Syd Parker

The Change-Up by Syd Parker

Sawyer Evans has a great career as a head coach for a talented college baseball team. Bellamy Carter is a successful accountant with her own firm, a beautiful home, and a son she adores. When Sawyer comes to town to scout new players, their encounter forces Bellamy to question everything she believes about life, love and faith, leaving her wondering if she will make it out the other side.

Available at:
Apple iBooks

Playing for First_Chris Paynter

Playing for First (Playing for First, Book 1) by Chris Paynter

Sportswriter Lisa Collins gets the scoop of a lifetime–covering the story of a woman trying to break the jock barrier into major league baseball. Amy Perry has to overcome the odds to reach her dream of playing first base for the Cincinnati Reds. Lisa is supported by her longtime friend, Frankie Dunkin. When she finds herself attracted to both women, Lisa has a choice to make. Which woman will be Playing for First in her life?

Available at:
Apple iBooks

Gravity_Julian Rich

Gravity by Juliann Rich

How can Ellie Engebretsen, Olympic ski jumping hopeful with her eye on the gold, soar through the air when all she feels like doing is falling hard for Kate Moreau, her greatest competitor and the girl of her dreams?

Available at:
Bold Strokes Books
Apple iBooks

Delay the Game_Tracey Richardson

Delay of Game by Tracey Richardson

Passion and patriotism sizzle on the ice at the Winter Olympics as rivals and once former lovers battle on the biggest stage for women’s hockey.

Available at:
Bella Books
Apple iBooks

Edge of Glory_Rachel Spangler

Edge of Glory by Rachel Spangler

As Olympic snowboarder Corey LaCroix and skier Elise Brandies ride the razor’s edge between victory and defeat on the slopes, they also face a heat neither of them is prepared for in their safe worlds of snow and ice. The stakes become steeper than any mountain either of them will ever face when legacies and hearts collide at breakneck speed.

Available at:
Bywater Books
Apple iBooks

Romancing the Zone_Kenna White

Romancing the Zone by Kenna White

When 40-year-old Liz Elliott accepts her daughter’s challenge to return to college and play her last year of basketball eligibility, she is met with resistance from head coach Sheridan Ross, who has no patience for babysitting an over-the-hill athlete. But soon, sparks begin to fly.

Available at:
Bella Books
Apple iBooks

If you haven’t done so already, download your bingo card, pick the book you want to read for the “sports romance” square, and start reading! Remember that you can either read one of the 15 books listed above or pick another f/f sports romance novel.

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  • Code of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue
  • Playing for First by Chris Paynter
  • Switchback by S.W. Andersen

Anyone can enter. To be entered into the drawing, leave a comment on this blog and let us know which book you’re going to read for the “sports romance” square or if you can think of other lesbian books that fit this category.

Entries close on Thursday, November 22, 2018, 10 a.m. CET, when I’ll draw the winners using a random numbers generator. I’ll notify winners via email. Your email address won’t be used for any other purpose.

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Happy reading!

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42 thoughts on “F/F Sports Romance Novels (Lesbian Book Bingo #23)”

  1. I just realised this must be one of my favourite topics, nah just jokes I already knew that! When you have read all but two recommendations and you rushed off and bought them from Amazon, you know you like this group of books. In fact I am reading Code of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue now. Thanks Jae, this Lesbian Book Bingo has been a blast and I have enjoyed every category, even those outside of my comfort zone.

  2. Hi everyone !!!

    I’ve read a couple of those sports romances already and I really appreciate the topic … more and more each time as a matter of fact. :-)

    “One~Love” by Lynn Ames (Phoenix Rising Press) was the one I put in this category on the Bingo card I’ve finished a while ago but I’ve also read “Code of Conduct” by Cheyenne Blue (Ylva) this year

    “Playing for First” by Chris Paynter &
    “Switchback” by S.W. Andersen both seem to be great … so I wouldn’t mind adding them in my collection.

    Good luck everyone !!

  3. I have to admit, I’ve been really interested in more sports stories recently. Code of Conduct is one I’ve had my eye on. I am actually kind of anxious to start that one.

  4. It’s really strange because I love sports of all kinds and yet have only read one book on this list! Guess I know what I’ll be getting for Christmas.

  5. For my first bingo card I read A Game To Love by Fox Brison, for the 2nd card I read Island Skye by Fox Brison, both great books to read

  6. I haven’t read a lot of this category, but I like it. I read switchback by SW Andersen and I love it. It has that intensity that comes with the sport and the brewing romance. Also I love SW writing style, so everything she writes I’m always in; I have Code of Conduct on my kindle, just waiting for little time to read; Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll add more titles to my never ending to read list lol

  7. I enjoy Yolanda Wallace’s two professional tennis stories (Lucky Loser and Break Point). Ali Vali’s Love Match is a fun read, as well, but unlike Yolanda’s work, it’s not as true to the sport (some terminology was wrong and there’d be no long breaks to hang out at home during the summer for a professional player!)

  8. “Romancing the Zone” is one of my favorite sports romances. And I read “Code of Conduct,” “Gold,” and “Delay of Game” this year. Plus, there are a few more recommendations on the list that I look forward to reading!

  9. There are a few on your list I’ve read this year already but counted Defensive Mindset by Wendy Temple for this square. If you like soccer (aka football) give this one a read.

  10. I love Barbara Clanton‘s books and will read her newest. I have no idea how baseball is played but really like her books ::))

  11. Edge of Glory from Rachel Spangler and Delay of Game from Tracy Richardson are my two of my very favorite book ever. So good, I read them again and again. Great to see some other sport choices!

  12. One of my favorite categories, so I am surprised that I have only read a few of these. I read Training Ground by Kate Christie for bingo and I’m putting several more on my wish list.

  13. I’ve noticed I’m a little behind.. I just started the holiday section..
    But that means I can change things up a bit, what is always nice.

    I’m definitely gonna read Edge Of Glory (Rachel Sprangler). It’s on my To Be Read list for a while now together with Gold (E.J. Noyes) and Interference (Zoe Reed).

    But for my fourth card I’m still in limbo (like always!).

    Probably one of these will be the winner unless there will be some other interesting suggestion posted later on.

    Code of conduct – Cheyenne Blue (tennis)
    A game to love – Fox Brison (tennis)
    Delay the game – Tracey Richardson (ice hockey)
    Falling snow – Graysen Morgen (snowboarding)
    Fast lane – Jennis Slaughter (formula 1 racing)

  14. I found some more sport suggestions in my Maybe Pile, if it helps anyone..
    Haven’t read them yet, so I can’t tell you if they are good (and that also depends on personal likings anyway).

    the sea of light – jenifer levin (swimming)
    game, set and match – ali vali (tennis)
    lucky loser – yolanda wallace (tennis)
    a perfect match – erin dutton (golf)
    heart of the game – rachel spangler (baseball)
    cherokee falls series – d jackson leigh (horse & rodeo)
    crashing waves – grayson morgen (surfing)
    fast pitch – graysen morgen (softball)
    descent – julie cannon (mountain biking)
    a figthing chance – barb wolfe (martial arts)
    love’s tender warrior – radclyffe (martial arts)
    fire on ice – jea hawkins (figure skating)

    Happy Readings!!

  15. Romancing the zone is always a great read. Read it multiple times, and it never disappoints. Going to have to give it another read soon.

  16. Hi Jae, I am participating in Book Bingo for the first time. So I am excited to share my book in the f/f sports category. I am going to read “Sparks like Ours” by Mellissa Brayden. I have read it earlier and it is a part of the seven shores series by the author.

  17. Another great list! I’ve read
    Pol Robinson – Open Water
    Rachel Spangler – Edge of Glory
    Tracey Richardson – Delay of Game
    Becky Harmon – Illegal Contact

    Think I’ll probably read
    E J Noyes – Gold or Celia Cohen – Smokey O next.

    I loved Chris Paynter’s series and really hope she eventually publishes fourth one. Also really like Kenna White’s Romancing the Zone.

  18. I really like all of these books and want to read them. I will probably start off with “The You Know Who Girls” as I am in High School too and maybe I can relate to that.

  19. The sports category is one of my favourite. For this square I read Delay of Game. It is not easy to choose one sports book because there are so many good ones!

  20. Thanks again for the reading sugestions. I see several titles (and authors) of which I wasn’t aware. But for this square I’m going to read “Fire on Ice” by Jea Hawkins since it’s been on my to read list for a while.

  21. I have been looking for ff romances for so long and I love sports romance and combing that with a ff which is a sub genre I want to read more of, is so amazing! Definitely subscribing to be in the loop. I would love to read switchback and code of conduct 😁💕

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