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100 books with lesbian characters for Lesbian Visibility Week

Books with Lesbian Characters

It’s Lesbian Visibility Week, so to celebrate, I have put together a list of 100 lesbian books.

Each book features one or more lesbian main characters who are explicitly lesbian on the page, contributing to the visibility of lesbian women and nonbinary people.

The books have been submitted by the authors, with a focus on books published by sapphic indie authors and small LGBTQ+ publishing houses. They are listed in the order in which I received the submissions.

I hope you’ll enjoy the list and find many new favorite lesbian books and authors!


100 books with lesbian characters


Just for Show by Jae

Perfectionist Claire hires impulsive actress Lana as her fake fiancée, but their feelings soon become very real.


A Woman Lost by TB Markinson

Can Lizzie find her way?


She’ll Steal Your Heart by Rachel Lacey

A thief seeking redemption forms an unlikely connection with a former lawyer looking for a fresh start of her own, but what starts as friendship soon feels like much more.


Heart Failure by Chris Zett

Grumpy cardiologist (and new mom with acute heart failure) meets sunshine artist in an opposites attract medical romance.


Broken Beyond Repair by Emily Banting 

What price is an Ice Queen willing to pay to hide her true self from the world?


Her Surrender by Anna Stone

When April has a sizzling one night stand with a woman she met at the bar, she has no idea that Vicki is about to become her biggest rival.


Not for a Moment by Cheyenne Blue

Desperate situations call for desperate lies in this charming, fake-relationship lesbian romance.


Hungry For It by Fiona Zedde

The forbidden desire Rémi has for her best friend’s mother has absolutely no chance of being reciprocated–right?


The Lesbian Billionaires Club by KC Luck

As hot as it gets – period.


What Now by Jamey Moody

When love dares to alter a carefully crafted life plan, does the heart win?


The Sting of Victory by SD Simper

Love the monster; become the monster.


V.A.M.P. Book One—Serena & Katerina by Kimberly A. Todd

Is it possible to find a second chance at love?


The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair

An ice queen lawyer can’t resist her beautiful, feisty young assistant.


Musings of a Madwoman by Jazzy Mitchell

Three women navigate life and love, all while dealing with the effects of a close encounter with a meteorite


Maverick by Max Ellendale

With the turn of the seasons, a lonely doctor meets a wandering craftswoman and the two awaken like blooming lilacs in the spring, guiding them toward an adventure set just for them.


Thunder by Barbara Winkes

She wants her, but she has a job to do.


The Planck Paradox by Taryn J Dallas

An opposites attract, meet-cute, sapphic romance novella between a physics teacher and a philosophy teacher.


Don’t Quit Your Daydream by Adrian J. Smith

What happens in the elevator doesn’t stay in the elevator.


These Thin Lines by Milena McKay

Some lines should never be crossed.


One Last Shot by Jacqueline Ramsden & Lily Seabrooke

Impersonating a popstar should never lead to love.


From Fan to Forever by Tiana Warner

An age-gap celebrity romance between a medical physics student and a middle-aged actress.


Destination Bedding by Allison Temple

This bridesmaid romcom is rated 3F: Fast, funny and flirty!


If We Meet Again by Nicole Spencer-Skillen

Can a chance meeting change your whole life?


The Turkey Baster Diaries by Elizabeth James

It is a myth universally acknowledged that lesbian couples use turkey basters to get pregnant. A humorous, poignant and empowering autobiography of a British female couple’s turbulent quest for parenthood.


Swipe Right For Love by Cyan LeBlanc

How many duds do you have to date before you find your perfect match?


The Child Riddler by Angela Greenman

Can a badass spy quit the drugs that make her ruthless and still protect a child from terrorists?


Sunscreen & Coconuts by Eliza Lentzski

Midwest-to-Boston transplant Mercy Lewis has always been responsible, so why is she having such a hard time remembering that when she meets a beautiful expatriate on a tropical island?


Broken Chains by Siobhan Muir

Some inheritances are to die for.


Lexi’s Cup of Tea by Amber Perez

Does type matter when feelings begin to brew?


The Perfect Blend by Teresa Purkis

When all appears lost, sometimes the end is just the beginning, allowing two older women to find unexpected love.


Bourbon Chase (The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 1) by Alexi Venice

Dr. Jen Dawson sticks up for a physician colleague during a murder investigation even though DA Amanda Hawthorne, the most eligible lesbian in San Francisco, challenges Jen in ways she never imagined.


Once in Berlin by Jo Havens

The woman she loves is brilliant, mercurial, and in possession of secrets that could shape the course of the war.


Queen Vs. Queen by Alysia D. Evans, Anne Hagan & Barbara Winkes

She meets her match!


Out of the Ashes by Rita Potter

Which will erupt first—the volcano or their feelings for each other?


My So Called Bloody Life by Mia Kazi

Yashica’s painful coming out story in a British Indian family


A Dance Towards Forever by Alyson Root

Two women, forever connected by a single moment in time.


Chasing Dreams by A. L. Brooks

A warm, feel-good, enemies-to-lovers, lesbian romance about chasing your dreams—wherever they might lead.


Off the Menu by Alaina Erdell

Celebrity fixer Erin Rasmussen and Restaurant Redo will arrive in Chef Taylor Mobley’s kitchen in less than 48 hours…and she just found out.


Foreign Facades (Gittie-Up Ranch Book 1) by D.J. Fronimos and Elke Lakey

Can two fake cowgirls find real love?


If It’s Meant to Be by Skye Von Triessen

In the end, life made choices for them and maybe it was just not meant to be, or was it?


Looking for Trouble by Jess Lea

In this quirky lesbian romantic mystery, a political reporter and a party volunteer who can’t stand each other join forces to find the truth behind an ice queen derailing Australia’s weirdest election.


Sleepless Nights by Iona Kane

When Tyra MacLean, damaged by her own experience of being an out lesbian musician in the 1980s, meets closeted rock star Alex, will she find love?


The Rules of Forever by Nan Campbell

Former high school classmates Cara and Lauren agree on the rules for an uncomplicated friends-with-benefits relationship, but rules are made to be broken!


When It Feels Right by Tagan Shepard

Freshly out of the closet Marlene hasn’t been lucky in love, but when it comes to her quirky new roommate Abby, everything just feels right.


The Mountain Town Series by Leandra Summers

Emma has lost her spark for life, can she allow herself to love as she needs to?


Outcast by KJ

A realm-hopping romance where finding yourself means saving the world.


Diving Into the Turn by Carrie L. Carr

Sparks fly when bull rider Shelby Fisher runs into barrel racer Rebecca Starrett at a county rodeo.


Old School Lovin’ – Book 2: Black Don’t Crack (Real Lesbians of Atlanta) by Aunt Georgia Lee

Sexy, sassy, 60-year-old Yvette Leigh-Dixon is getting her groove back after a six-year period of grieving over the death of her wife, Althea.


She’s the Boss by S.L. Brown

When ex-lovers Kathryn and Kitrina join forces to win the Big Town Bourbon distillery pitch and contract renewal, the gloves are off, and so are the bras and panties!


A Deeper Love by Shonia Brown

With the help of a few friends, Angel and Paula search for a place in their hearts and minds where negative beliefs no longer exist, and only love prevails.


Zamira Saliev (A Dept 6 Operation Book 1) by Valden Bush

When a rescue mission goes bad, can they survive against the odds?


Broken to Belong by Charity Muse

When lesbian musician Dani Williams takes the summer off to help LGBTQ youth in the South, she finds love and friendship she has yearned for, but when all becomes threatened, she must face her own wounds and use her gifts to overcome deep divisions.


The New Shore by Caren J. Werlinger

Life on Little Sister Island is idyllic. Until it isn’t.


Christmas at Winterbourne by Jen Silver

Four days of Christmas festivities at a lesbian guesthouse run by lesbians – what could possibly go wrong?


Tamara King by Emily Wright

Is it your last chance to be with her, or finally time to let go?


The Hideout by Melissa Tereze

A dangerous past doesn’t need a membership card to get a foot in the door.


An Unlikely Partnership by Katie Trapp

A tale of magic, murder, and accidental romance.


Exception to the Rule by Cindy Rizzo

Can an out rebel writer and a closeted Southern belle break their own rules about dating and love and come together in their college dorm?


Underwater Vibes by Mickey Brent

How to survive that pivotal moment when admiration turns to attraction?


Sweete & Sinn by Char Dafoe

Can love mend two broken hearts struggling to stay afloat?


Crowns & Swords by J.L. Meyrick

A runaway princess finds the pirate ship with the sole female captain, adventure ensues.


Starting Over by Nance Sparks

It’s never too late for starting over.


The Touch of Her Voice by Sara Scott

Jensy and Sophie: some love stories are meant to be read.


Sweet Paladin by Alex Washoe

They soon discover a deeper bond – one that was forged on the day they were born and could be destined to rewrite the history of the world.


Crash Dance by Elle Armstrong

What happens when the worst day of your life turns into the best?


Stealing A Thief’s Heart by C. L. Cattano

Crime and love… two reasons to meet online.


The Sorceror’s Lament by Sam Dogra

A talented Magician and reclusive Enchanter must join forces to stop a devastating magic…if they don’t tear each other apart first.


Daisy by Karmellah Howlett

Sunshine Daisy meets grumpy Po when she moves into town


The Intensive Course by Anna Parsifal

A year after their first meeting, Anna travels back to Perugia to find out if she can win the heart of Martina, the mysterious Italian she fell in love with.


Drifting by Lyn Hemphill

Mermaid warrior is stranded on land and falls in love with the human who tries to help her get home.


The Binding of Bloom Mountain by Siggy Chambers

A 30-something autistic lesbian binds the magic of a cursed mountain in an alternate Appalachia.


Iron Goddess (Shea Stevens Outlaw Biker Book 1) by Dharma Kelleher

Her niece is kidnapped… and the clock is ticking.


First Comes Marriage by Shannon M. Harris

Falling in love with a ray of sunshine wasn’t on Brynn’s to-do list, and no matter how convincing Micah was, Brynn planned to keep it that way.


The Island Between Us by Wendy Hudson

A survival course turns real in this adventure romance.


Chef’s Special by Susan X Meagher

Top-notch chef sets her sous chef aflame in this romantic romp through a New York kitchen.


Cities of Steel and Blood by Rita-Audrey Crawford

Adriana is a magi; a rare breed in a world that died long ago, she has to navigate through the city of crime and danger to a find a life among it all.


1140 Rue Royale by Karen D. Badger

Long-term lesbian couple Elliot and Lia agree to begin again in New Orleans, only to discover why their new home was such a bargain as a series of horrid events takes over their lives, and they learn the terrifying truth about 1140 Rue Royale.


Honeymoon for One by Rachel Bowdler  

A festive sapphic opposites-attract romance set with a wintry backdrop and found family.


The Lesbian and the Homophobic President by Judy Ramsook

Is Kelly truly a bad influence as thought by many?


A Secret Love Affair by Amber M. Kestner

A lesbian college romance that someone gets karma and a possible happy ending?


Touchwood (30th Anniversary Edition) by Karin Kallmaker

Classic lesbian romance: A pre-Stonewall survivor, an out, proud woman of the Gay 90s. Even when the world disapproves, love finds a way.


My Mimosa Pudica by Amy DeMeritt

They have their own reasons not to date, but when the figurative door is opened, Nina and Mariana can’t resist the impulse to see where it leads.


An Outsider Inside by RJ Samuel

Winner of the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award, An Outsider Inside is set in Ireland and France and tells the story of an Irish-Indian lesbian activist who finds the troubling manuscript left behind by a missing Indian woman.


How Sweet the Sound by Ann Tonnell

Val Scott hopes to build a non-profit casino in a rural, economically depressed area in Georgia (USA).


The Warrior Within by Brooke Campbell

A thrilling chance at love puts more than Libby’s heart at risk.


Beyond Any Experience by Anne E. Terpstra

After her wife is killed in an accident, Olivia struggles to raise their autistic son alone, but an unexpected encounter offers another chance at love, if only she can find the courage to share her heart—and her son—with another woman.


She Who Earned Her Wings by Vaela Denarr & Micah Iannandrea

A trans lesbian angel leaves her home to learn about magic and gets embroiled in the dating shenanigans of two polyamorous lesbian dragons.


Becoming by Jourdyn Kelly

Can a Dominant allow herself to be dominated?


Catnip by Vyria Durav

Transfem lesbian egg travels to Venus to rebuild a failed colony for her polycule, only to find love and gender she never expected.


THIS: A Simple, Complex Love Story by Naomi Rivers

An alluring portrait of love revealed through parallel conversations of Jasmine, a pragmatic social worker, and Teresa, an elusive artist.


Abaddon by Cheyenne Browning

Out here searching for the lost soul, and I never thought I would find them instead, my women.


Traveller by Caitríona Page

Ríona is torn between leaving home to find herself or staying when she falls for her best friend’s cousin.


When Angels Fall by Sherryl Hancock

Skyler Boché survived the war as well as a horrific crash that should have killed her and her entire crew. Now, every day she has to deal with the aftermath and the crippling PTSD that’s tearing her apart.


Pirates of Aletharia by Britney Jackson

Emilia Drakon’s quest for vengeance will lead her right into the arms of the most dangerous pirate in Aletharia, Captain Maria Welles.


The Last Girls on Earth by Hayley Anderton

Three girls try to survive in a futuristic Britain where overpopulation and radical politics has led to chaos.


Highland Fling by Anna Larner

What happens when the passion of a holiday romance turns into something real…


We Are H.E.L.L. by JC Rowe

Be careful what you wish for, because it might just kick you in the ass.


Chasing Fireflies by Addison Clarke

They were supposed to be just friends.


Allured By Her by Chelsea M. Cameron

Mia isn’t sure why she lies about being a lesbian AND agrees to pretend to be Tenley’s fake girlfriend to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, but she’s not going to analyze it too much.


Beards by Serena J. Bishop

Four people. Two fake marriages. One epic love story.


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