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Just for Show by Jae

Just for Show

The relationship starts out as fake, but the feelings soon become very real.

What happens when an overachieving psychologist with OCD tendencies and an impulsive, out-of-work actress start a fake relationship?

Claire Renshaw thought she had it all: a successful career as a couples therapist, a publishing contract for her self-help book, and a happy relationship. But her perfect world falls apart when her fiancée calls off their engagement. Because of that, even her book deal might be off the table. After all, readers don’t want relationship advice from someone who can’t even make her own relationship work.

So Claire sets out to hire herself a fake fiancée.

Lana Henderson, the actress who shows up to audition for the role, is not exactly Claire’s ideal woman. Her frankness and the messes she leaves everywhere drive Claire up the wall. At least she won’t fall in love with someone like Lana.

But soon, Lana starts to win her over with her big heart, tickle fights, and—gasp!—carbs after six. The longer they pretend to be a love-struck couple, the less fake their kisses feel and the more the lines between reality and role begin to blur.

Once the book contract is signed, will they walk away or is their relationship no longer just for show?

A lesbian romance where role-playing has never been so irresistible.

Publication Date: February 2018

Length: 103,000 words

Tropes & themes: fake relationship romance, opposites-attract romance, slow-burn romance, plus-sized character


  • Lambda Literary Award finalist in the Lesbian Romance category
  • GCLS Literary Award (Contemporary Romance – Long Novels) 2019
  • IPPY Award (silver) in the Best Romance/Erotica E-Book category 2019
  • eLit Awards 2019 (gold) in the LGBT Fiction category
  • Rainbow Award Winner 2018/19 (7th place Best Lesbian Contemporary & Erotic Romance and 9th place Best Lesbian Book)
  • GCLS Literary Award finalist 2019 (Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award
  • The Lesbian Review “Best of the Best” Books

Jude in the Stars
“There are very cute scenes and moments in this story and some rather sexy ones too. … Just for Show is a very enjoyable and heart-warming read.”

In Bugs’ Own Words
“There’s something to be said about two people who couldn’t be more different (size, shape, form, personality) from each other, who meet at the crossroads & start a journey that inadvertently open their hearts to each other. Anyway, go read Just For Show! It’s fun, pure enjoyment!”

The Lesbian Review
“This story started off with a bang and the story flowed seamlessly without a hitch in the storyline. The author did a fantastic job of portraying the inner worlds of the main characters. I felt so close to these amazing women!”

“The dialogues are witty, the chemistry is off the charts and the secondary characters are spot on.”

Love Bytes
“While I could go on and on about all the things I loved about this story—I wrote about two pages of notes—I can sum it up in two words; LOVED IT! Just for Show gets 5 big fat hearts from me.”

Rainbow Moose’s Reviews
“Once again I got lost in her universe and fell in love with each ones of the characters qualities and flaws until I couldn’t stop reading. … Order this gem, you will not be disappointed.”

Lez Review Books
“A heart warming romance about a fake relationship between psychologist Claire Renshaw and barista/actress Lana Henderson.”

Les Reveur
“This is definitely my new favourite book by Jae. I absolutely adored this book and the characters from the moment I started to read it. I loved that Jae made Lana more full figured and with heaps of confidence.”

Kitty Kat’s
Just For Show is a Fake Girlfriend story so impeccably written and with such depth of emotion that I can see me re-reading it again and again. The storytelling appears effortless and flows so well. I wish I knew Jae’s secret! She manages to write such believable and sympathetic characters that draw us into their world so completely.”

Books At The End Of The Alphabet
“I absolutely loved this book! Just For Show is easily a favourite of the lesbian romance novels I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot of them! If you’re looking for a fresh take on an old trope, with great characters and a lot of humour, check out Just For Show.”

The Romantic Reader Blog
“What is so great about this book is that the main characters are dynamic and adorable. Not to mention the chemistry between them is sizzling hot.”

C-Spot Reviews
“I became engrossed in the story very quickly and thought Lana was a lovable character. I didn’t take long for Claire to grow on me and, soon, I was cheering for them.”

Love in Panels
“I ended up liking both heroines and really cheering for their HEA. If you’re looking for a sweet but grounded lesbian romance, I recommend Just for Show.”

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