Award-Winning Author of Slow-Burn Romances between Strong Women

Lesbian Book Bingo — Join our reading challenge and win great books!

To make 2018 a little more interesting for all avid readers of lesbian fiction, I got together with a bunch of fellow lesbian book addicts and came up with a fun reading challenge: Lesbian Book Bingo! How does Lesbian Book Bingo work? Download this cool Lesbian Book Bingo card (letter size or A4). Throughout the year, fill in your bingo card with the titles and authors of lesbian books you have read in 2018. You can either type in the PDF or print it out and write by hand. Each square of the bingo card represents a certain subgenre or …

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Interview with fellow writer Kim Pritekel

Welcome to the second in my series of interviews with fellow (full-time) writers. Today, I’m interviewing Kim Pritekel. Kim started writing at the age of nine, wrote her first novel at twelve, and was published for the first time at twenty-four. She is now published with Sapphire Books. I haven’t read all of her novels yet, but I loved Connection (which you might know as The Collector, which was the title of the online version), Lessons, and Twilight (again, no, not that Twilight—I like Kim’s much better). So here’s what Kim had to say about her life as a writer. …

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