Second Nature 

She has been sent to kill the human, not to fall in love with her


Novelist Jorie Price doesn’t believe in the existence of shape-shifting creatures or true love. She leads a solitary life, and the paranormal romances she writes are pure fiction for her.

Griffin Westmore knows better—at least about one of these two things. She doesn’t believe in love either, but she’s one of the not-so-fictional shape-shifters. She’s also a Saru, an elite soldier with the mission to protect the shape-shifters’ secret existence at any cost.

When Jorie gets too close to the truth in her latest shape-shifter romance, Griffin is sent to investigate—and if necessary to destroy the manuscript before it’s published and to kill the writer.


Series: The Shape-Shifter Series (Book 1)
Publication date: July 2013
Length: 143,000 words / 460 pages

  • GCLS Literary Award 2010;
  • Rainbow Award for Excellence 2010, 3rd place;
  • Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award 2009;
  • eLit Awards 2010, silver;
  • EPIC eBook Award Finalist 2011

C-Spot Reviews (Alberta Yourdan)

“If you are new to this genre – like I was – and you are willing to open your mind to this world then you’ll find a novel full of suspense and action, of romance and fleshed-out cast of characters and a storyline that had me reading until late at night. And if you are already a fantasy fan then you’ll love this book.”

C-Spot Reviews (Cheri)

“Jae writes great stories with believable characters. She paints a vivid picture for the reader without all the extra details that sometimes make me want to skip ahead … I very much recommend Second Nature.”

Piercing Fiction (Lynne Pierce)

“Second Nature is a complex, yet thoroughly enjoyable tale and the creatures in it are presented in a totally believable manner.”

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