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Re-read a favorite book (Sapphic Reading Challenge #35)

re-read a favorite book

It’s time for another special category of the Sapphic Reading Challenge. This one doesn’t come with a list of suggested reads either. Instead, I want you to re-read one of your favorite books featuring a sapphic protagonist.

Reconnecting with your favorite characters can be fun, and I often discover new things and deeper layers whenever I re-read one of my favorites. So if you’ve been meaning to read one of your all-time favorite novels again, now’s the time to do it!


The Lesbian Review’s 55 Most Re-Read Books

If you need some inspiration to pick a book to re-read, take a look at The Lesbian Review’s 55 most re-read books. It’s a list of the books their reviewer team found themselves re-reading most often. Maybe there’s one (or a dozen!) that will make you go: Ooh, yes, this one was amazing!

Or, of course, you could also use the list to find books to read for the other categories of the Sapphic Reading Challenge.


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Have you picked a favorite sapphic book to re-read? If you did, leave a comment and let us know which one you’ll read for the “re-read a favorite book” category!


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5 thoughts on “Re-read a favorite book (Sapphic Reading Challenge #35)”

  1. This one should have been the first😅.. I read my favourite books for one challenge or the other.. Back to basic it is. Still loving the challenge

  2. I have a few favorites I have already reread this year for the 4th time or so like, Just For Show by Jae and Breaking Character by Lee Winter. But, for this specific category I decided to use Shadow Haven by A J Schippers ^_^


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