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Not the Marrying Kind by Jae

Not the Marrying Kind

Can a closeted small-town florist and a too-busy-for-a-relationship bakery owner mix up the perfect recipe for love?

Small-town florist Ashley Gaines loves her little flower shop and putting together the perfect bouquets for weddings and other happy occasions. Her own love life, however, is far from blossoming. Ash has decided that staying in the closet is safer than risking her heart again.

Local bakery owner Sasha Peterson hasn’t had much luck mixing it up with romance either. Besides, she’s too busy whipping up delicious treats to have time for a relationship.

But when their town’s first lesbian wedding forces them to work together, Ashley and Sasha discover they have more in common than they imagined.

During food fights, cake tastings, and slow waltzes, they begin to see each other in a new light. Soon Ashley has to admit to herself that Sasha is tempting more than just her sweet tooth.

Not the Marrying Kind is the second book in the Fair Oaks series, but since it has new main characters, it can be read as a standalone.

Publication date: May 1, 2019

Length: 113,000 words / 314 pages

Tropes & themes: Small-town romance, coming-out story


  • Rainbow Award Winner 2018/19 (19th place Best Lesbian Book)
  • GCLS Literary Award finalist 2020 (Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award)
  • IPPY Award (silver) in the Best Romance/Erotica E-Book category 2020

Rainbow Reflections
“Jae is one of my favorite authors. Her writing is so clear and vivid. I’m a very happy reader when I know I have a Jae book to look forward to. I’m also glad to say that Not the Marrying Kind made me as happy as all of her other tales.”

In Bugs’ Own Words
Not The Marrying Kind is a MUST-READ for all fans of lesfic romance! It’s truly a brilliantly written slow-burn romance (Jae is the Queen of Slow-Burn Romance, see!) that will warm your heart and soul, keep you amused, provoke your mind and make you feel.”

The Lesbian Review

“This is one of those books that left me with that, “Aww,” feeling. Sitting down to read this was like putting on my favorite sweater.”

Les Reveur

“Fantastic story. Enjoyed every minute of it. The pace was perfect, the chemistry between both protagonists was on fire and I really enjoyed the storyline.”


“As usual, Jae excels in bringing out the romance and depicting the characters’ intimacy with, for example, an excellent remake of a famous ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ sequence plus a very steamy undressing scene.”

Kitty Kat’s Book Review Blog

“I completely and utterly adored Ashley and Sasha’s story. It was the most romantic, emotional and beautiful story of love, belonging and joy. I was smiling from ear to ear and for the rest of the day after reading this.”

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