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Wrong Number Right Woman by Jae

Wrong Number, Right Woman

A single text message can change everything!

Flirting has never been Denny’s strong suit, but so what if she’s too shy to ask women out? She’s content with her simple life, working as a cashier and helping her sister raise her niece.

But then she gets a wrong-number text message from a stranger named Eliza, asking her of all people for dating advice!

Eliza is Denny’s total opposite: witty, outgoing—and straight. Despite their differences, the accidental text sparks an unlikely friendship. Soon, Eliza—self-proclaimed queen of disastrous first dates—would rather banter back and forth with Denny than to keep trying her luck at online dating.

When they meet in person, there’s an instant connection. But what Eliza is feeling can’t be attraction, right? It doesn’t mean a thing that she’s starting to wish the guys she dates would be more like Denny. Or does it?

Can the wrong number lead to the right woman after all?

Wrong Number, Right Woman is a light-hearted, slow-burn lesbian romance that embraces likable characters without all the drama.

Publication date: September 2, 2020

Length: 116,000 words

Tropes & themes: slow-burn romance, low angst, relatable characters, butch/femme, age gap, “toaster oven” romance, body positivity


  • GCLS Literary Award winner 2021 (Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award)
  • GCLS Literary Award winner 2021 (Contemporary Romance – Long Novels)
  • eLit Award 2021 (gold) in the LGBT Fiction category
  • International Book Award (winner) in the Fiction: LGBTQ category
  • Lambda Literary Award finalist 2021 in the Lesbian Romance category
  • NERFA (National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award) finalist 2021 in the Contemporary Romance category
  • Readers Favorite Award 2021 – honorable mention in the LGBTQ Fiction category
  • Rainbow Awards 2021 (Winner in the categories Best Lesbian Book and Lesbian Contemporary Romance)
  • The Lesbian Review “Hall of Fame” Books

The Lesbrary
“Denny and Eliza’s undeniable chemistry radiates off the page. … Their connection is magnetic, and very, very cute.”

Smart Bitches
“Friends, I think this might be the cutest book I’ve read this year. … I was ready for a romance with zero angst and adorkable characters, and boy howdy did this deliver. It’s so gentle and sweet, it’s like a warm hug and I enjoyed it very much.”

Jude in the Stars
“If you’re in the mood for a sweet romance, low on angst but high on chemistry and all-around loveliness, look no further.”

Words and Worlds
“Wrong Number, Right Woman is Jae’s best book since Backwards To Oregon, and that’s saying a lot of an author who has written over 24 books! … If you’re looking for a WLW novel that will leave you with a warm glow when you read the last page, this is the book for you.”

Les Reveur
“This book was just what I was looking for. I loved the body positivity. Both protagonists are not your supermodel types but real people for the real world.”

The Lesbian Review
“I’m so in love with Denny. She’s awkward, shy, fashion challenged, over 40, and on the chubby side. I think she might be my favorite character of Jae’s, but I seem to say that after every new book. … This book has an incredibly high, “Awwwww” factor. … Wrong Number, Right Woman is just the book to take you away from the chaos in the world. It’s sweet, endearing, and heartwarming.”

“Jae’s latest is exactly the kind of feelgood romance we need at this time. It’s cute and funny, but also very relatable. … You’ll root for Denny and Eliza, laugh at the mishaps and coincidences, and likely enjoy every page.”

Carol Hutchinson
“This was the cutest, most perfect, amazing romance ever!!! I was so in love with this, from the idea to the characters and then just the whole story. … They are literally the cutest lesfic couple to ever be!!! I adore them both individually and together and could completely relate to them both, their situation and everything.”

Women Using Words
“The characters are what is most remarkable about this book. … Denny is such an appealing character; one can not help but like her. … I highly recommend this sweet romance. It’s definitely one not to miss.”

Rainbow Reflections
“Every once in a while I read a book that just melts my heart, puts a cheery grin on my face, and happy tears in my eyes. That is exactly what happened when I read Wrong Number, Right Woman by Jae.”

Ameliah Faith
“I loved all the feels and the sexy bits, the warm fuzzies and big smiles… This book is a wonderful addition to the Jae family of stories!”

“I adored this book so very much. I devoured it in an afternoon and couldn’t put it down. It was so refreshing to read about such very real women with real bodies and real insecurities. … There were so many laugh out loud moments and actual squealing out loud moments as well because of how sweet their slow-burn romance was. The connection between Denny and Eliza was so very real and tangible and it just sizzled off the page.”

Lex Kent
“This was the feel good, happy, and sweet romance of the summer. … The characters were wonderful and it is why I think the book was so wonderful. … While I love all of Jae’s books, this book will go into the pile of her books that were really special to me.”

Rainbow Moose’s Review
“As usual, Jae’s characters are perfect from their highest qualities to their deepest insecurities. It was fun to read the back and forth between them, and how they are all connected. … I would recommend this book to anyone.”

“This is an entirely delightful book. It’s a low-angst, sweet love story. It’s feel-good, and just what I needed.”

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