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WLW & Lesbian Books Set Outside of the US (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #27)

lesbian books set outside the US

Most lesbian books and novels featuring women-loving women are set in the US, so today’s puzzle features books that take place outside of the US.

The puzzle includes books set in South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Canada, and various countries in continental Europe and the United Kingdom.


So, here’s the “WLW & lesbian books set outside the US” puzzle:

You can either download the crossword grid by right-clicking on the picture below or download the PDF with the crossword grid and the clues. You don’t necessarily need a printer to play. You don’t need to send in the filled-out puzzle; all you need to do is email me the solution phrase.

lesbian books set outside the US

Here are the clues for the “WLW & lesbian books set outside of the US” puzzle:

  1. Paper Love by Jae (set in Germany): What is Susanne having for dinner on her first day working at Paper Love?
  2. If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan (set in Iran): What does Sahar want to study?
  3. All at Sea by Cheyenne Blue (set in Australia): What is the name of Kaz’s yacht?
  4. Falling into Place by Sheryn Munir (set in India): Which character dressed up as Priyanka Chopra at the New Year Eve party?
  5. Rock and a Hard Place by Andrea Bramhall (set in South America): What’s the name of the mountainous region in South America where Jayden and Rhian meet?
  6. Once in Sweden (set in Sweden & England) by Emma Sterner-Radley: What’s the name of the town where Elina lives?
  7. Write Your Own Script by A. L. Brooks (set in England & Italy): Tamsyn is on a break on which Mediterranean island when she reads Maddie Jones’s celebrity romance?
  8. Slammed by Lola Keeley (set in Europe): What is the first Grand Slam tournament we see Elin win?
  9. Worth Every Step by KG MacGregor (set in Tanzania): What mountain do Mary Kate and Addison climb?
  10. Spanish Surrender by Rachel Spangler (set in Spain): What’s the name of Loreto’s boss?
  11. Defensive Mindset by Wendy Temple (set in Scotland): What’s the name of Jessie’s football team? ___ Thistle.
  12. Bunny Finds a Friend by Hazel Yeats (set in the Netherlands): Who is Cara’s first client?
  13. Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta (set in Nigeria): What’s the name of the town where Ijeoma lives?
  14. Lily’s Fire by Lise Gold (set in Bali): What is the name of Lily’s mother?
  15. Betting on Love by Alyssa Linn Palmer (set in Canada): What’s the name of Alex’s best friend?
  16. Comrade Cowgirl by Yolanda Wallace (set in Russia): What’s the name of the ranch hand who travels to Russia with Laramie?
  17. You’re My Kind by Clare Lydon (set in England): In the first chapter, Justine attends a life event. What is it?
  18. The World Unseen by Shamim Sarif (set in South Africa): What is Miriam’s native language?
  19. Uncharted by Robyn Nyx (set in South America & Syria): Whose tomb does Chase discover in Syria?
  20. Pas de Deux by MJ Duncan (set in England): How old was Addison when she moved to London?
  21. Ticket to Love by Donna Jay (set in New Zealand): What’s the name of Tara’s aunt?
  22. High Rise by Harper Bliss (set in Hong Kong): Whose number is the first on Maddie’s speed dial?


Check back for hints

If you are struggling to solve the puzzle, check back this weekend. I’ll invite the authors to post hints in the comments section of this blog that will help you solve the puzzle. Some authors will also drop by my Facebook Reader Group to give you some hints.


Send me the solution to be entered into the drawing for the “WLW & lesbian books set outside the US” puzzle

Once you solved the puzzle, send me the solution phrase, and you’ll be entered into the drawing for an ebook copy of:

To be entered into the drawing, send me the solution by October 17, 10 a.m. CET. I’ll draw the winners using a random numbers generator.

You’ll also be entered into the drawing for the grand prize at the end of the year, with a chance to win a book package, plus an autograph book full of autographs of popular WLW & lesbian fiction authors.

You’ll find my email address on my contact page.

Happy reading and crossword-puzzling!


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