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Free sapphic books (Sapphic Book Bingo #9)

free sapphic book

This week’s Sapphic Book Bingo post offers you dozens of free sapphic books that you can download for your enjoyment!

Traditionally, the center square of a bingo card is a free space, but I thought it would be more fun to make it a square for free books. For this category, you can read any book that you got for free. It could be a free story that the author offered on their website or a retailer or a free ebook the author sent to new newsletter subscribers. Of course, it can also be a book that you got as a gift or that you won in a giveaway.

By the way, there are monthly book giveaways in my Facebook reader group, so feel free to join us.

Below, you’ll find a list of 20 free sapphic books for you to download and enjoy.

Helpful tip: If you have never downloaded a free ebook to your Kindle, here’s an easy-to-follow instruction.

You can download as many of these free books as you’d like. Some are available as a free download via online bookstores such as Amazon, while others are offered by the author via a site like BookFunnel. For some books, you get the option to also sign up to the author’s newsletter, but it’s usually not a must. It might be worth it, though, since many authors also send out more free books to their new subscribers.

Caveat: Before you download any of these ebooks, please make sure they are still free—sometimes, publishers, authors, or retailers change their prices.


20 free sapphic books to download right now

Blind Date at the Booklover’s Lair by Jae: Even though Tricia writes sapphic romances for a living, she hasn’t been on a date with a woman in forever. Her best friend sends her on a blind date in a bookstore, but the woman she meets in the LGBT section isn’t who Tricia thinks she is. What will happen when the wrong date turns out to be just right? Free ebook on BookFunnel (newsletter signup is optional).

Meet-Cute: An Anthology of Excerpts by 45 popular authors of sapphic fiction. Each author picked a first-meeting scene from one of their books for you. Some of these first encounters are adorable, some are hilarious, and others are tension-filled, but they are all unique and memorable in some way. Free ebook on BookFunnel (newsletter signup is optional).

Dress-tease by Jae: A steamy story about a reverse striptease. Free ebook on Amazon and many other retailers.

A Place to Call Home by Jae: Luke and Nora have survived the Oregon Trail and are looking for a place to call home in this short story sequel to Backwards to Oregon. Free ebook on Amazon.

Three Ways to Ruin a Perfect Wedding by Chris Zett: Lena and Jess plan the wedding of their dreams. Free ebook on BookFunnel (newsletter signup is optional).

Off the Rails by Rachel Lacey: Two women who sit beside each other during their daily commute embark on a wild ride to love! Free ebook on BookFunnel (newsletter signup is optional).

Glimpses by Lee Winter, Jae, Lola Keeley, A.L. Brooks, Fiona Zedde, Cheyenne Blue, Chris Zett & Quinn Ivins: Eight authors of women-loving-women fiction have come together to reveal glimpses into the lives of some of their most popular characters. Free ebook on BookFunnel (newsletter signup is optional).

Laid Bare by Anna Stone: Two women trapped together. Five hours, intimately close. All their desires laid bare. Free ebook on BookFunnel (newsletter signup is optional).

Leap to Love by Johana Gavez: Leap to Love is a second-chance romance short story between two gymnasts. Free ebook on Amazon, Apple Books, and other retailers.

Randi and Zoey Save the World by Rita Potter, Lori G Matthews, and Suzanne Lenoir: An ongoing, episodic story about Randi Carter, an out of shape, has-been, lesbian superhero and her lying, cheating, stealing sidekick, Zoey Finch. Free ebook on BookFunnel.

Sweet & Spicy Sapphic Short Stories by Tiana Warner: A collection of bite-sized sapphic stories ranging from sweet to extra-spicy, including multiple genres and all of your favorite tropes. Free on Tapas.

Shattered Paradise (Salvaggio’s Light – Book 1) by C.L. Cattano: Join the journey with book 1 of the Salvaggio’s Light serial, a contemporary drama filled with romance, comedy, lust, danger, thrills, regret, tragedy, suspense, and love. Free ebook on Amazon.

One by Brenda Murphy: On a trip to Italy Mac encounters the woman of her dreams, and it all comes down to one race, one love, one chance at forever. Free ebook on BookFunnel (newsletter signup is optional).

Lost & Found by Cade Haddock-Strong: The keys to an old farmhouse help Casey Edwards solve a decades old disappearance. Free ebook on BookFunnel (newsletter signup is optional).

The Third Act by Emily Banting: When widowed Fiona meets her new art teacher, Raye, she rediscovers her sexuality, but can she follow her heart and push her daughter’s objections aside, or will she be destined to spend her third act alone? Free ebook on BookFunnel.

Breathless: An F/F Hades and Persephone short story by Lianyu Tan: A few weeks into their marriage, Persephone is still learning how to please Hades, dreaded goddess of the underworld. Free ebook on BookFunnel.

The Ice Inside by Jo Havens: When an interplanetary conference takes Lady Cie and Jemma to a luxury playground in the frozen south, Cie takes a sudden delight in showing Jemma all the pleasures of a world made entirely of snow. Free ebook on BookFunnel.

Doing Summer Right by Frankie Fyre: When Hazel’s friend-with-benefits and an old fling arrive for a summer event, sizzling attraction and more than cooking lessons heat up between the three women. Free ebook on BookFunnel (newsletter signup is optional).


10 more free sapphic books

Here’s a tip if you are looking for more free sapphic books: Many authors send a free ebook to readers who sign up for their reader newsletter. Unlike the free books I listed above, the newsletter signup is not optional, but these newsletters are usually very entertaining and allow you to get to know your favorite authors better as they share free books, giveaways, book news, and bits and pieces about their lives.

Here are the links to a few places where you can subscribe to popular sapphic authors’ newsletters and get a free ebook sent to your in-box:


Cara Malone

Cheyenne Blue

Clare Lydon

Fiona Zedde

Harper Bliss

Jamey Moody

Lee Winter

Miranda MacLeod

TB Markinson


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  1. And don’t forget your library. Of the authors listed I found more than 30 books at mine using hoopla. Libraries buy more books by authors who are borrowed. And libraries keep books free for all.


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