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sapphic erotica or erotic romance

Sapphic erotica or erotic romance (Sapphic Book Bingo #20)

Since temperatures are turning cooler in the northern hemisphere, let’s read a steamy sapphic book for this week’s Sapphic Book Bingo! 

It can be a sapphic erotic romance–where the focus is on the romantic but with several steamy love scenes that are critical to the development of the love story–or sapphic erotica, which focuses on sexual journey of the main character. 

For this category, you could read a novel or a shorter steamy story. 

Lesbian erotica and erotic romance (Lesbian Book Bingo #13)

As summer is beginning (at least for readers in the northern hemisphere) and temperatures are rising, it’s time to heat up our reading too! Here’s the recommended reading list for the lesbian erotica and erotic romance square. 15 GREAT LESBIAN EROTICA AND EROTIC ROMANCE BOOKS I’ve put together a list of 15 f/f erotica and erotic romance books that I hope you’ll enjoy. Worth the Wait by Jae When struggling actress Jill lands her dream TV role, she rushes home to celebrate with her girlfriend, stuntwoman Crash. A steamy shower leads to sheet-rumpling passion as they try out a new …

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