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Maybe you’re a new reader who has just discovered my books and wonder where to begin. Or you have read most of my books and want to make sure you didn’t miss one. Here’s a printable reading order that will help you keep track.

Most of my books can be read as standalones, even those that are part of a series, since they usually have different main characters. That said, many of my books are interconnected, with characters from one novel making an appearance in other books.

For the best reading enjoyment, I would suggest reading all of the books within a series in the following order:


Heart-to-Heart Medical Romance Series

Bachelorette Number Twelve [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

A kind ER nurse accidentally wins a date with a prickly doctor at a singles auction.

Regina & Ellie also appear in: Impulse Buy.


Impulse Buy [short story]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva

Prickly doctor Regina has never liked romantic gestures, but when her girlfriend, ER nurse Ellie, surprises her with a gift, rejecting it is not an option.



Love on a Dare Series

Just a Touch Away [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

An ice queen’s frosty facade is melted by a professional cuddler.

Winter & Hannah also appear in: The Welcome Party, A Great Catch.


🆓 The Welcome Party [bonus scene] Free download

A bonus scene that takes place during chapter 14 of Just a Touch Away.


A Great Catch [short story] Amazon | Apple | Ylva

Winter expects a fly-fishing lesson from Hannah’s dad but gets relationship advice instead.



Matchmaking Cats Series

Paper Love [novel]  Amazon & KU | Audible

A stationery geek and her digital-loving boss never intended to fall in love.

Anja & Susanne also appear in: A Purrfect Gift.


A Purrfect Gift [novella]  Amazon & KU | Audible

Lena’s matchmaking cat keeps stealing from her cute neighbor, forcing them to meet up to retrieve the loot.



Unexpected Love Series

Under a Falling Star [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Austen gets a new job and a hot but grouchy boss for Christmas.

Austen & Dee also appear in: Partners & Wrong Number, Right Woman.


Partners [short story] Amazon | Apple | Ylva

Austen & Dee have to get used to running a company together.


Wrong Number, Right Woman [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

An accidental text changes everything for shy butch Denny.

Denny & Eliza also appear in: Lucky Yellow Shoes & Chemistry Lessons.


Lucky Yellow Shoes [free short story] Amazon | Apple | Ylva

Denny is planning to propose to Eliza, but she needs some help finding the perfect ring.


Chemistry Lessons [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Chemistry teacher Regan and her best friend, Kylie, set out to prove that there’s zero chemistry between them.

Regan and Ky also appear in: The Principal’s Office.


The Principal’s Office [short story] Amazon | Apple | Ylva

Regan and Ky set out to tell Regan’s boss that the gossip about them is no longer just rumors.



Hollywood Series

Departure from the Script [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Love doesn’t follow a script for Amanda and Michelle.

Amanda and/or Michelle also appear in: Damage Control, The No-Romance Rule & Just for Show.


The No-Romance Rule [short story] Coming soon

Photographer Michelle attends an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, but when a captivating blonde walks in, she’s tempted to break the no-romance rule.


Damage Control [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Famous actress Grace swears she’s straight, but is she really?

Grace and/or Lauren also appear in: Just Physical, Dress-Tease, Not the Marrying Kind & Heart Trouble. The script Lauren is writing is Shaken to the Core.


🆓 Dress-Tease [short story] Free download Amazon | Apple | Ylva

A reverse striptease gets Lauren’s pulse pounding.


Just Physical [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

It was supposed to be just a one-night stand.

Jill and/or Crash also appear in: Damage Control, Worth the Wait, Just for Show & Heart Trouble. The movie they are shooting is Shaken to the Core.


Worth the Wait [short story]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva

Crash and Jill try out a new sex toy.



Unofficial Medical Romance Series

Heart Trouble [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Sometimes, the heart works in mysterious ways.

Laleh and/or Hope also appear in: Falling Hard, Just for Show & Just Physical.


Falling Hard [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Can a womanizing surgeon and a single mom make it work?

Jordan and/or Emma also appear in: Heart Trouble.



Fair Oaks Series

Perfect Rhythm [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Can a burned-out popstar and an asexual woman find the perfect rhythm together?

Holly & Leo also appear in: Facing the Music, Not the Marrying Kind, Bachelorette Number Twelve & Chemistry Lessons.


🆓 Facing the Music [short story sequel]  Free download

Is Leo’s relationship with Holly ready for her return to the stage?


Not the Marrying Kind [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Can a closeted florist and a too-busy-for-love bakery owner mix up the perfect recipe for love?

Ashley & Sasha also appear in: Perfect Rhythm & Bachelorette Number Twelve.



Unofficial Renshaw Sisters Series

Just for Show [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

The Relationship starts out as fake, but the feelings soon become very real.

Claire & Lana also appear in: The Roommate Arrangement.


The Midnight Couch [short story] Amazon | Apple | Ylva

Radio technician Paula has a secret crush on the sexiest voice in LA, radio show host Dr. Christine Graham.

Christine also appears in: Just for Show.


The Roommate Arrangement [novel]  Amazon KU | Audible

A feisty comedian. A former cop with a wounded heart. An unusual roommate arrangement.

Steph also appears in: Just for Show.



Portland Police Bureau Series

Conflict of Interest [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Falling in love with a victim could end Aiden’s career.

Aiden and/or Dawn also appear in: Next of Kin, Change of Pace, Under a Falling Star, Just a Touch Away.


Next of Kin [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Sexy lawyer Kade has two admirers, but which one is more dangerous—the threat to her life or to her heart?

Kade & Del also appear in: Conflict of Interest & Change of Pace.


Change of Pace [short story]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva

Kade’s homophobic mother is helping to U-Haul a lesbian couple.



Moonstone Series

Something in the Wine [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

It all started out as a prank.

Annie & Drew also appear in: Seduction for Beginners.


Seduction for Beginners [short story sequel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva

Why is there no instruction manual on how to seduce your girlfriend?



Oregon Series

Backwards to Oregon [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

2,000 miles of raging rivers, searing heat, and tender love.

Luke & Nora also appear in: A Place to Call Home, Beyond the Trail, Hidden Truths & Lessons in Love and Life.


🆓 A Place to Call Home [short story] Free download Amazon | Apple | Ylva

As Luke & Nora build their home, they have to find ways to grow as a couple.


Beyond the Trail [short story collection]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva

6 short stories that give glimpses into the Hamiltons’ lives before and after Backwards to Oregon.


Hidden Truths [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Love and life can get complicated when everyone is harboring secrets.

Amy and/or Rika also appear in: Backwards to Oregon, A Place to Call Home, Beyond the Trail & Lessons in Love and Life.


Lessons in Love and Life [short story sequel to Hidden TruthsAmazon | Apple | Ylva

Dressing up as a man has unexpected consequences for Amy.


Shaken to the Core [novel]  Amazon (KU) | Audible

A forbidden love between a rich heiress and her maid, forged by fires and earthquakes.

Dr. Lucy Hamilton-Sharpe is Luke & Nora’s granddaughter. Her adventures are turned into a movie in Just Physical.



The Shape-Shifter Series

Second Nature [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Liger shifter Griffin has been sent to kill the human, not to fall in love with her.

Griffin & Jorie also appear in: Natural Family Disasters, True Nature & Pigeon Post.


Natural Family Disasters [short story collection]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

5 short stories about Griffin, Jorie, and the other characters from Second Nature.


Manhattan Moon [novella]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Things seem hopeless for a coyote shifter and a human nurse, but anything can happen during a full moon.

Shelby and Nyla also appear in: True Nature & Coitus Interruptus Dentalis.


True Nature [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Sometimes, a human makes the best alpha.

Kelsey and/or Rue also appear in: Second Nature, Nature of the Pack & Pigeon Post.


Nature of the Pack [short story sequel to True NatureAmazon | Apple | Ylva

Will submissive wolf shifter Kelsey stand up for her forbidden relationship?


Pigeon Post [short story sequel to True NatureAmazon | Apple | Ylva

Even shape-shifters need a Pride parade.



The Vampire Diet Series

Good Enough to Eat [novel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva | Audible

Being a vampire on a diet sucks.

Robin and Alanna also appear in: Coitus Interruptus Dentalis.


Coitus Interruptus Dentalis [short story sequel]  Amazon | Apple | Ylva

A vampire walks into a dentist’s office…