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Merry Christmas
to those of you who celebrate today!

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Books from 12 generous authors await you behind today’s door. There are book giveaways, books on sale, and a free ebook!

Book giveaways

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Checking It Twice by Lucy Bexley (Ebook)
Sacha Brighton is dreading her sister’s Christmas wedding, but what she wasn’t prepared for was to find her sister hired the androgynous wedding planner of Sacha’s dreams.

Bad Beat by L.M. Bennett (Ebook)
Two long-time rival poker players get very, very distracted during a tournament by their powerful attraction to each other.

Destination Bedding by Allison Temple (Audiobook)
Kate’s ready and Piper is willing, but these two childhood friends will have to get the happy couple down the aisle before they can reach their ultimate destination: one night in Piper’s bed.

Passing Through by Katia Rose (Ebook)
She was only passing through…until she saw her.

Rabbit by Max Ellendale (Ebook)
Icy doctor and grumpy cop cross paths in this starry matchup.

Outcast by KJ (Ebook)
When you fall through a portal at the back of a laundromat into another land, discover you have magical powers, win a sword fight, fall for the princess of the realm, and discover you’re the guardian, then you know your life has changed forever.

Cast Me Gently by Caren J. Werlinger (Paperback)
Set in 1980, the beginning of the Reagan era and the decline of Pittsburgh’s steel empire, Cast Me Gently is a classic lesbian romance.

Onside Play by Liz Rain (Paperback)
Two soccer players come up against each other at the World Cup for opposing teams, but they share a secret romantic history, and sparks fly.

Goddess of the Moon by Claire Highton-Stevenson (Ebook)
After a few too many beers, Shannon strikes up a conversation with the blonde goddess at the bar. But Diana happens to be straight.

Book on sale

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A Purrfect Gift by Jae (Discounted to 99 cents)
Lena’s cat keeps stealing from her cute neighbor in this lesbian holiday romance.
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The Blood-Born Dragon by JC Rycroft (Discounted to 99 cents)
A bond she didn’t choose; a love she can’t escape; a creature so powerful it bends the limits of time…
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