Connection Chart

Most of my books can be read as standalones, but I love intertwining my books by making characters from previous books appear as supporting characters.
Sometimes, the connection between books is even more subtle—just a detail that is mentioned as a side note. I think these can be so much fun for readers to discover.

Here’s an overview that shows you how my books are connected:

Solid lines = Characters from one book actually make an appearance in another book. Dotted lines = Characters from one book are mentioned in another book.
  1. Heart Trouble & Falling Hard: Jordan from Falling Hard is Hope’s best friend and colleague.
  2. Heart Trouble: Jill is Laleh’s friend and adviser. Just Physical: Laleh makes an appearance as a waitress in the Persian restaurant.
  3. Damage Control: Amanda from Departure from the Script is Grace’s co-star when she shoots an episode of Central Precinct, and she is invited to Grace’s birthday party. It’s revealed that she’s Jill’s ex-girlfriend.
  4. Damage Control and Just Physical: Jill and Grace are best friends. Just Physical: Lauren is also the scriptwriter of the movie Jill is shooting.
  5. Perfect Rhythm: Leo and Holly are both fans of Amanda and her TV show, Central Precinct.
  6. Perfect Rhythm & Fair Oaks Book #2: Sasha is Holly’s friend. Ashley is Leo’s former crush and Holly’s ex-girlfriend.
  7. Fair Oaks Book 2: Lauren and Grace make an appearance as friends of Leo’s.
  8. Perfect Rhythm: Lauren is mentioned as Leo’s former PR agent.
  9. Just Physical: Amanda and Michelle are mentioned as friends of Jill’s.
  10. Heart Trouble: Grace and Lauren make a short appearance at a movie premiere Jill and Laleh go to.
  11. Just for Show: Jill from Just Physical is one of Lana’s best friends and makes several appearances, as does Crash.
  12. Just for Show: Michelle from Departure from the Script is the photographer who takes pictures of Lana and Claire.
  13. Just for Show: Grace from Damage Control is mentioned as offering Lana a role in her new movie.
  14. Just for Show: Laleh and Hope from Heart Trouble are friends of Lana’s and make an appearance when they all have dinner together.
  15. Just for Show: Jordan and Emma from Falling Hard are mentioned as friends of Jill’s.
  16. Happily Ever After: In “The Romance Bet,” Tamara is in the process of writing a novel that is basically Just for Show.
  17. Paper Love: Susanne and Anja listen to Jenna Blake’s/Leo’s newest album.
  18. Just Physical: The movie Jill and Crash are shooting is basically Shaken to the Core. Jill plays Dr. Lucy Hamilton Sharpe, an important supporting character from Shaken to the Core.
  19. Heart Trouble: Laleh and Hope drink a bottle of wine from “a great little winery in Paso Robles,” which belongs to Drew from Something in the Wine.
  20. Damage Control: The script Lauren is writing is basically Shaken to the Core.
  21. Just for Show: Christine from The Midnight Couch is the radio psychologist who interviews Claire for her radio show.
  22. Conflict of Interest & Next of Kin: Aiden & Dawn & Kade & Del are important characters in both books.
  23. Portland Police Bureau Book #3: Aiden, Dawn, Del, and Kade are important characters.
  24. Under a Falling Star: Dawn from Conflict of Interest & Next of Kin is Austen’s best friend.
  25. Backwards to Oregon & Hidden Truths: Both books have the same main characters. In Hidden Truths, Luke & Nora’s daughter Amy, who was three years old in Backwards to Oregon, is all grown up.
  26. Shaken to the Core: Lucy Hamilton Sharpe is Luke & Nora’s granddaughter.
  27. Shaken to the Core: Lucy Hamilton Sharpe is Luke & Nora’s granddaughter.
  28. Untitled novel: Lucy Hamilton Sharpe, who was first introduced in Shaken to the Core, is the main character.
  29. Second Nature & True Nature: Kelsey from True Nature is a Saru soldier in Second Nature that starts out as Jorie’s enemy. In True Nature, Griffin and Jorie are Kelsey’s commanding officers who are sending her on a mission.
  30. Manhattan Moon: Griffin and Jorie from Second Nature are mentioned.
  31. True Nature: Shelby & Nyla from Manhattan Moon help Rue’s son Danny when he’s stranded in New York.
  32. Coitus Interruptus Dentalis: Shelby helps Robin when she’s looking for a dentist.
  33. Good Enough to Eat & Coitus Interruptus Dentalis: Both stories have the same main characters, Robin and Alana.
  34. Book 3 of the Portland Police Bureau series: Aiden & Dawn from Conflict of Interest are important characters in book 3 too.
  35. Under a Falling Star: Dawn from Conflict of Interest & Next of Kin is Austen’s best friend.
  36. Under a Falling Star: Dawn is Austen’s best friend.