Writing hours in September

September has been more productive than the month before.

I spent a lot of time on the train, which meant a lot of writing time.

I worked on turning the German version of my short story, Manhattan Moon, into a novella. I finally finished the project two days ago. It ended up around 30,000 words.

WritingBeta reading
January47 hours5 hours
February31 hours2 hours
March36 hours3 hours
April12 hours31 hours
May51 hours15 hours
June36 hours4 hours
July51 hours2 hours
August5 hours13 hours
September50 hours12 hours
TOTAL319 hours87 hours

In October, I will be working on translating the novella into English. Check back next month, when I will post my writing hours again.

The Romance Bet by Jae

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