Writing hours in September

September is over already, and October is starting with a bad cold for me. I have people calling me just to hear my “sexy” hoarse voice.

Other than that, I’m doing well. Counting the days until December 22, when I will finally be a full-time writer.

September was just as busy as the previous months, though mostly with editing.

True Nature is now with the layouter and the formatting guru, and the cover is in the works too. I also finished Nature of the Pack, an 11,000-word short story featuring Kelsey and Rue from True Nature. I’ll send it off to the copy editor today.

On the editing front, I’ve been working with two of Ylva Publishing’s talented authors, Lois Cloarec Hart and RJ Nolan. Lois’ novel Broken Faith will be published later this year, and I’m looking forward to that.

So here are my numbers for September:

WritingEditingResearchNonfiction WritingPromo/ AdminTotal
January46 hours14 hours60 hours
February44 hours19 hours63 hours
March82 hours15 hours97 hours
April71 hours4 hours75 hours
May105 hours5 hours25 hours135 hours
June135 hours10 hours145 hours
July122 hours19 hours141 hours
August67 hours16 hours52 hours135 hours
September37 hours55 hours7 hours99 hours
Total709 hours157 hours25 hours59 hours950 hours

Check back next month, when True Nature should be available.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone.


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2 thoughts on “Writing hours in September”

  1. Nice to see that even professional writers don’t always get in as many hours writing as they planned. You are an inspiration, showing your writing hours like that. Thanks.
    Glad to know you will be writing full time by Christmas! What a great present to yourself! You have worked hard for that, I know, and I hope that means more of your wonderful books!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment and for your support. The support of readers like you means a lot to me.

      Showing my writing hours is part of making myself accountable and making writing a priority.


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