Writing hours in October

Another month is over. Just seven more weeks until I give up my job and start being a full-time writer. I’m starting to count the days…

As is the norm for me, October was a busy month.

My new novel, True Nature, has been published, and the sales numbers are incredible, so that’s very encouraging for next year, when I will make a living writing.

I wrote every day in October, mainly working on revising my novel Hidden Truths, which will be published next spring, and translating Something in the Wine into German. I also wrote a Christmas short story that will come out in the beginning of December. It’s a fun little story about Rachel and Lillian from The Christmas Grump. And in the evenings, I’ve been working on my book on writing.

So here are my numbers for October:

WritingEditingResearchNonfiction WritingPromo/ AdminTotal
January46 hours14 hours60 hours
February44 hours19 hours63 hours
March82 hours15 hours97 hours
April71 hours4 hours75 hours
May105 hours5 hours25 hours135 hours
June135 hours10 hours145 hours
July122 hours19 hours141 hours
August67 hours16 hours52 hours135 hours
September37 hours55 hours7 hours99 hours
October59 hours41 hours28 hours128 hours
Total768 hours198 hours25 hours87 hours1078 hours

Visit my blog again next month for November’s numbers. And make sure to check back this weekend, since I will do a giveaway of a paperback copy of True Nature. If you want to make sure not to miss a giveaway, please subscribe to my website and you’ll get any blog updates via e-mail.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. Jae, will your book “Hidden Truths” be available on Kindle? I just finished “Backwards To Oregon” & was devastated to find I can’t purchase “Hidden Truths”. Please tell me this book will eventually be available!


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