Writing hours in November 2014

Winner-2014-Twitter-ProfileHard to believe that it’s already December and Christmas is just three weeks away. Maybe it would help if we had any snow to make it feel more like the holiday season, but so far, not a single snowflake in sight over here, just dreary, damp weather.

Well, it’s good weather for staying in and writing, though.

November has been another productive month. I slayed the word count dragon during NaNoWriMo, finishing the vampire novel Good Enough to Eat that I’m co-authoring with Alison Grey. Yes, you heard that right. Our little novella did indeed turn into a novel of 65,000 words. Not that anyone was really surprised, since I seem to make a habit of turning novellas (or short stories) into novels :-)

We have already started translating it into German. Speaking of German, the German version of Under a Falling Star (titled Vorsicht, Sternschnuppe) has been published in November, and it’s selling really well.

I worked hard on the first book of my writers’ guide series, Goal Setting for Writers, and I’m about to send it to my beta readers. I posted a request for test readers on Facebook, and within a few hours, I had a dozen volunteers. So now I’m looking forward to a lot of feedback, especially since this is the first nonfiction book I’m writing.

On the editing side, I worked on the German translation of RJ Nolan’s L.A. Metro this month and also on Caren Werlinger’s wonderful Turning for Home.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

[table id=21/]

Check back on Sunday for the new Ylva giveaway and later this month for the publication of “The Midnight Couch,” my new short story about a radio psychologist.

Have a good rest of the week!


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  1. It’s always great to hear that there’s new writing for us to enjoy. The vampire novel sounds particularly intriguing. Have a wonderful festive season!


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