Writing hours in May 2015

cover_Next-of-Kin_500x800Hard to believe that almost half the year is gone already, isn’t it?

We’re definitely heading toward summer here in Germany, and I’ve been working hard to wrap up some of my projects before my vacation in July.

I finished the final revisions of Next of Kin, the second book in the Portland Police Bureau series, and the short story that goes with it, “Change of Pace.” I also started to translate the novel into German.

On the nonfiction front, I’m still working on Time Management for Writers and putting the strategies to good use to become more productive myself.

I also did some more research for book 3 in the Hollywood series. The novel now has a (working) title: Just Physical. What do you think? Personally, I like the title. I’ll get started on writing scene 1 later today, and I’m pretty excited to give Jill from Damage Control her own novel!

A few days ago, I also had a new short story published. “Coitus Interruptus Dentalis” is a fun story about what happens when a vampire-like creature can’t keep her fangs to herself during a more intimate moment with her girlfriend…

Okay, let’s take a look at the numbers for May:

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4 thoughts on “Writing hours in May 2015”

  1. I’m really looking forward to the revised “Next of Kin” – they’re wonderful characters. ‘Just Physical’ also sounds really promising and it’ll be good to learn more about Jill.

    • Hi, CJ. Thanks for being a loyal reader of my blog and my books. It won’t be very long now until “Next of Kin” is published — should be around July 1.

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