Writing hours in March 2014

Cabernet & LiebeWow, what a month!

I recently moved into a new (bigger) apartment. Even though it’s in the same house where I lived before, it’s insane how much work was involved, so I again didn’t get as much writing done as I would have liked. When I thought a full-time writer would write full time, I must have been delusional Wink

Still, I can’t complain too much. After all, I published a new novel, Cabernet und Liebe, (the German translation of Something in the Wine), wrote a new short story (which will be published in an anthology edited by Andi Marquette and RG Emanuelle), and completed a new novella, Departure from the Script.

I also did lots of editing, among others RJ Nolan’s new novel, In a Heartbeat, and Fletcher DeLancey’s great novella Mac vs. PC.

Plus I’m also doing a lot of research for my next novel, Damage Control, which will be set in Hollywood too, just like Departure from the Script.

So let’s take a look at the numbers for March.

[table id=14 /]

If I include marketing, I spent about 150 hours on writing-related activities.

Check back soon for news on the publication of Conflict of Interest, which should be available within the next few days!


The Romance Bet by Jae

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4 thoughts on “Writing hours in March 2014”

    • A lot of it is different than I expected. Not having a set schedule takes some getting used to. Knowing when to start my workday and when to end it is now my sole responsibility. Setting priorities is harder than expected too.

      And getting some of the people in my life to realize that this is my job and that I’m not available 24/7 for errants or entertainment, just because I work from home.

      But overall, writing full time was the right choice for me. I’ll try to blog about my experience some time this month.

  1. It’s really hard setting your own schedule, but once you’ve set that up and got others to respect it I’m sure you’ll start to reap the benefits. The new writing ventures sound exciting – I’ll look forward to some great reading.

    • Thanks for commenting, CJ.

      True. It takes some time to settle into this new way of life, but once I stick to the schedule, it’ll be fine.

      The new novella will be out in July, and there’ll be two new short stories in August.


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