Writing hours in June

I spent most of June with my shape-shifters. Fictional ones, of course. I finished the last revisions of Second Nature, wrote a new short story for Natural Family Disasters (a shape-shifter anthology), and started revising True Nature, the sequel or rather spin-off to Second Nature.

I put that manuscript aside when I had the idea for a short story in summer 2011… One year later, that short story had turned into a full-blown novel titled Something in the Wine. So it’s been two years since I last looked at True Nature and can now take a more objective look at the manuscript. I still like the story and the characters very much. There’s a lot of work ahead of me, but it’s worth it.

So here are my numbers for June:

46 hours 14 hours
44 hours 19 hours
82 hours 15 hours
71 hours 4 hours
105 hours 5 hours 25 hours
135 hours 10 hours
TOTAL 483 hours 67 hours 25 hours

Check back next month to see the hours for July. I hope to be a lot further along with True Nature this time next month, and I will also start editing two great manuscripts. More about that soon.

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3 thoughts on “Writing hours in June”

  1. Jae, so excited to hear about what you are writing with the shape shifters. Looks like you have been very busy, thanks for all the hours you put into writing so we can enjoy your stories.

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