Writing hours in July

I’m always amazed on how fast another month has gone by and it’s time to update my monthly writing hours.

In July, I worked mostly on True Nature, which is with the content editor right now. If her feedback is as demanding as it was for Second Nature, there’ll be two or three more months of hard work ahead of me before the manuscript is ready for copy editing. But I know it’s worth it.

I edited a novella titled Rich Girl, whose author patiently hung in there with me, successfully making it through several editing passes.

I also participated in another two-day editing seminar, and it was fun to meet other editors, since most of us tend to work alone.

So here are my numbers for July:

Writing Editing Research Nonfiction Writing Promo/ Admin Total
January 46 hours 14 hours 60 hours
February 44 hours 19 hours 63 hours
March 82 hours 15 hours 97 hours
April 71 hours 4 hours 75 hours
May 105 hours 5 hours 25 hours 135 hours
June 135 hours 10 hours 145 hours
July 122 hours 19 hours 141 hours
Total 605 hours 86 hours 25 hours 716 hours

Check back next month to see the hours for August. I’ll work on another great manuscript as an editor this month (Broken Faith by Lois Cloarec Hart), and I hope to get the edits for True Nature back from my own editor. One thing’s for sure: Working in publishing never gets boring ;-)

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