Writing hours in December 2015

kitten-1102082_640A reader of mine just pointed out that while I had shared my accomplishments of 2015 and my goals for 2016, I haven’t yet posted my writing hours for December. Oops!

I’ve been so busy with my work-in-progress, Shaken to the Core, that I actually forgot my monthly tradition!

So let’s see what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks of the year…

For the most part, I’ve been working on the first draft of Shaken to the Core. By the time the cold from hell forced me to abandon the keyboard at the end of December, I was almost 50,000 words into the story.

I also spent some time doing additional research for that book, for example, finding out what kind of medicine physicians had readily available in 1906 and where people would buy gasoline for their automobiles. I also began doing a bit of research for my next novel, a contemporary romance that will be set in a hospital.

I also got the edits for the translation of Damage Control back (“Im Scheinwerferlicht”) from my German editor.

So, let’s take a look at my working hours in December:

[table id=35/]

Compared to 2014…

  • my total working hours went up by 19% (+475 hours)
  • my editing hours (that’s editing other authors’ manuscripts, not my own, by the way) went up by 62% (+326 hours)
  • my fiction writing hours went up by 36% (+352 hours)
  • my nonfiction writing hours went down by 31% (-115 hours)
  • my marketing hours went down by 20% (-79 hours)
  • my research hours went down by 7% (-19 hours)

Check back in a few days to check out my writing hours for January. I promise to post them on time :-)

Have a nice Sunday!


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2 thoughts on “Writing hours in December 2015”

  1. How interesting to be writing a 1906 setting. We had a grandmother
    who was attending teachers college in San Francisco at that time.

    She would tell us about her life going through the big earthquake
    as a young woman and how her meatloaf was greatly enhanced by
    the herbs she grew until the darn police came dug up the plants and burned them. She had no idea that these stories were a big
    interest to anyone as it was just her life. Of course we studied
    the San Francisco 1906 earthquake and drug blue laws in school
    and were amazed! Looking forward to a great read.

    • The details I found out during the course of my research are amazing! I can only imagine the stories your grandmother told. The turn of the century was an interesting time, with many new inventions. Add to that the earthquake and fires and it’s a setting that was calling for a novel!


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