Writing hours in August 2014

calendarAugust was an incredibly busy and productive month for me, as my colorful calendar can attest to. The green stickers point out days on which I wrote over 2,000 words, while yellow stands for days with 1,000-1,999 words.

Not only were two new short stories of mine published (“Pigeon Post,” which is still free today, and “Whining and Dining“), but I also completed two novels–Under a Falling Star and its German translation, Vorsicht, Sternschnuppe.

Under a Falling Star is with the proofreader right now and will be published in October.

I also completed revising my contribution to Ylva Publishing’s Christmas anthology, and I edited a couple of stories for that one, too.

Finally, I also found some time to work on my series of writers’ guides. That’s the nonfiction writing in the table.

Here are the numbers for August:

[table id=18/]

If I add 62 hours of marketing, answering e-mail (about 1,000 e-mails this month!), and other administrative stuff, I get about 300 working hours in August. Good thing I don’t have to pay myself for overtime ;-)

In September, I will mostly focus on my vampire romance novella, Good Enough to Eat, which I will co-write with Alison Grey. We’ll start brainstorming and plotting this week, and I’m curious to see how collaborating with another writer will go.

Check back next month, and I’ll let you know!


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