Writing hours in August

Another month has gone by, and it feels as if we’re slowly approaching fall here in Germany. Normally, I’m a bit sad when summer is over, but this year, I don’t mind. I will give up my day job at the end of the year to focus on writing and editing, so the end of summer means that there’s less time to wait until I can finally live my dream.

I got the content editor’s feedback for True Nature in August. To my great relief, she loved it. I’ve been working hard on using her advice to make it an even better story. Now True Nature is almost ready to go to the copy editor.

On the editing front, I’m working on Broken Faith, a novel by the talented Lois Cloarec Hart. Here’s a link to a short description of the story.

I also attended another editing seminar offered by the Academy of the German Book Trade, so now I’m a licensed editor.

And I’ve started to work on my nonfiction book about writing. I’m hoping to publish it one day to help other writers with all the problems I faced when I was just starting out as a writer.

Wow, another busy month!

So here are my numbers for August:

WritingEditingResearchNonfiction WritingPromo/ AdminTotal
January46 hours14 hours60 hours
February44 hours19 hours63 hours
March82 hours15 hours97 hours
April71 hours4 hours75 hours
May105 hours5 hours25 hours135 hours
June135 hours10 hours145 hours
July122 hours19 hours141 hours
August67 hours16 hours52 hours135 hours
Total672 hours102 hours25 hours52 hours851 hours

Check back next month to see the hours for September and find out the publication date for True Nature.


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4 thoughts on “Writing hours in August”

  1. congratulations with your editing license
    i’m glad to see you still dedicate a lot of hours to writing
    good luck
    and thank you for all the beautiful stories

  2. Jae, congratulations on both getting your editing licence and your impending retirement. I enjoy reading your blogs and seeing what you have been up to. Keep on writing please.


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