Writing hours in April

April is over already, and once again, it was a busy month for me. I spent most of last week at an editing seminar, which is part of my endeavor to earn a certificate in editing.

We wrapped up editing Lois Cloarec Hart’s Walking the Labyrinth in April. I look forward to seeing this wonderful novel published in June.

I had a new novel out in April (the second, expanded edition of Backwards to Oregon), one new anthology (Beyond the Trail), and a short story (Seduction for Beginners, a short sequel to Something in the Wine).

I also did a lot of writing or rather rewriting this last month. I mainly worked on revising Second Nature. These are really extensive revisions, but my beta readers tell me they like the new version better.

Here are the numbers for April:

46 hours 14 hours
44 hours 19 hours
82 hours 15 hours
71 hours  4 hours
TOTAL 243 hours 52 hours

Check back soon for more news on my writing and editing projects.

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2 thoughts on “Writing hours in April”

  1. Wow! The new cover to the revised edition of Second Nature looks awesome! Can’t wait for it to come out in July.

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