Writing Hours in April 2014

It’s hard to believe that it’s May already–which means just one more month until I’m traveling to the US to do some research, meet friends I haven’t met in person yet, and go to the GCLS conference in Portland!

April has been a pretty great month for me. Conflict of Interest has been published and is selling well. And now that I’m through with moving and furniture assembly, I thankfully have more time to write.

I added 25,000 words to my new novella, Departure from the Script, which by now has grown into an (albeit short) novel. Departure from the Script is with the editor now and will be published in July.

I also translated the novella into German. I still find it amazingly hard to write sex/love scenes in German.

Okay, let’s take a look at the numbers for April:

[table id=15 /]

If I add about 40 hours of marketing,I spent about 228 hours on writing-related activities.

This month, I will be working on a shape-shifter short story and will get started on a vampire novella that I’m co-authoring with fellow Ylva author Alison Grey. It’s the first time I co-write a story. Check back next month for news on how it’s going.

Have a great week!


The Romance Bet by Jae

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7 thoughts on “Writing Hours in April 2014”

  1. It sounds like a productive month, Jae, and some great reading on its way. I’m intrigued about you finding it hard to write love scenes in German. Do you think that’s because you usually write them in English or because English feels less personal or is there another reason?

    • Hi, CJ,
      no, I wouldn’t say that English feels less personal.
      I think part of it is that 99% of my reading material, including the love scenes, is in English, so that’s what I’m used to.
      Also, English has more words than German, and the sentence structure is less complicated, and that makes it easier to find the right words and to put them together in a way that flows well.

  2. Hallo :)
    About the sex/love scenes in english…
    I’m from Germany and I like to read them rather in english than in german. Like Jae said, there are just more words and it has a better ring to it… A bit lovelier I’d say.

    About the full-time writing…
    YEAH! More books, much faster! ;-)

    Freu mich schon riesig auf die neuen Bücher!
    Grüße aus dem Emsland :)


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