Writing goals for 2016

new yearHard to believe that the year 2015 is practically over already. Since I managed to catch the cold from hell from one of my nieces over Christmas, I’m not spending New Year’s Eve the way I had planned, but I still wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past twelve months and to look ahead at 2016.

I just took a look at the goals for 2015 I posted on the Ylva Publishing blog a year ago. In that blog post, I said:

For 2015, I hope everything will continue to go as smoothly as it did in 2014. I plan on writing two new novels, revising and republishing my romantic suspense novel Next of Kin, and translating two of my novels into German.

Well, it seems I met and surpassed those goals.

I wrote and published Damage Control (April 2015) and Just Physical (November 2015), brought out a new and improved version of Next of Kin (June 2015), and published not two but three novels in German—Auf schmalem Grat (February 2015), Zum Anbeißen (April 2015), and Rosen für die Staatsanwältin (October 2015). Then there’s Good Enough to Eat, my first co-authored novel, which was written in 2014 but published at the beginning of 2015.

I also wrote and published four short stories: “The Snow Liger” (February 2015), “Dress-tease” (May 2015), “Coitus Interruptus Dentalis” (May 2015), and “Change of Pace” (August 2015).

In 2015, I also published my first two nonfiction books, under my “superhero name,” as one of our editors refers to it. Goal Setting for Writers came out in March and Time Management for Writers in December 2015.

gclsBut 2015 wasn’t just about working and writing. I also got to do a fair bit of traveling—five days in Hamburg, exploring the city and the emigration museum in Bremerhaven, a few days at the book fair in Frankfurt, where I met fellow Ylva author G Benson, and three weeks in New Orleans, where this year’s GCLS conference was held. During the con, I had the chance to participate in my very first panel. The subject was hopeful-ever-after endings in lesbian fiction—which was a perfect fit for my new novel Just Physical.

So, all in all, I consider it a pretty good year.


What’s ahead for 2016?

Here are my goals for the upcoming year:

  • Write and publish two English novels, Shaken to the Core (historical romance) and one that is tentatively titled Connected (contemporary romance)
  • Translate and publish two German novels, Im Scheinwerferlicht (translation of Damage Control) and Affäre bis Drehschluss (translation of Just Physical)
  • Write and publish one nonfiction book for writers, Writing a Series.
  • Write a novella and/or a couple of short stories
  • Attend the GCLS conference, which will be in the Washington D.C./Alexandria area in July 2016
  • Attend the lesbian book vacation on Lesbos in June 2016
  • Find more time to read in 2016

Happy new year, everyone! I hope you’ll achieve all your goals.

Please leave a comment and tell us about your goals for 2016.

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10 thoughts on “Writing goals for 2016”

  1. Hey Jae,

    I’m glad to see you achieved your goals for 2015 and hope you’ll do the same 2016. I’m looking forward to read your new stories and short stories. The GCLS and book vacation (I had no idea there were such things as book vacations) sound very interesting.
    My own goals for 2016 are to write three books (usually it’s two but I wanted a new challenge), publish at least one short story and finally get over my fear of sending a novel to a publisher.
    And like you I’d like to have more time to read but usually I prefer to spend my time writing instead of reading.
    Get well soon and have a lovely new year’s eve tonight.

  2. Good job this year! And I’m sure, as soon as you get rid of the cold, next year will be just as productive. :)

    In my baby-writer ways I hope to
    – finish revising my second novel which is resting.
    – finish writing my third novel.
    – hopefully find someone to publish my first.

    I really want to do nanowrimo as well and will plan my year around it since I’ve always been mid-project all the other times.

    Otherwise very much looking forward to Shaken to the Core!

    Happy new year! :)

  3. Happy New Year, Jae. I hope you accomplish this year’s goals and have fun doing it. I enjoyed meeting you at the last couple of GCLS conferences, and I look forward to seeing you in Alexandria.

  4. Hi Jae!

    Wow, you really knocked out your goals for 2015. I wonder how much more you’ll accomplish this year than you plan to?

    My goals for 2016 are:
    – reading 50 books from my TBR List (a couple of yours are in there!),
    – editing and self-publishing my second novel,
    – writing, editing, and self-publishing my third novel,
    – writing 10 short stories to be submitted or self-published, and
    – filling up my blog calendar.

    It’ll be a full year, but if it’s anything like 2015, I’ll manage to scrape through by the skin of my teeth.

    Happy 2016!

  5. Jae, wow as always you have been busy. Congrats on surpassing your 2015 goals and best wishes and good luck with your 2016 goals.
    My goals for this year is to read, read and read some more. Nothing too ambitious I’m afraid but I do read at least once a day.
    Happy New Year to you.


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