“Unexpected Love” series

The Unexpected Love series is a series of interconnected standalone romances. Each novel has different main characters and can be enjoyed without having to read the previous books, but for maximum reading pleasure, I suggest the following reading order: 

Under a Falling Star


Austen gets a new job and a hot but grouchy boss for Christmas.

Falling stars are supposed to be a lucky sign, but not for Austen. The first assignment in her new job—decorating the Christmas tree in the lobby—results in a trip to the ER after Dee, the company’s COO, gets hit by the star-shaped tree topper.

There’s an instant attraction between them, but Dee is determined not to act on it, especially since Austen has no idea that Dee is her boss.

Tropes & themes:

  • Ice queen
  • Office romance
  • A cussing cockatoo
  • Mistaken identity


(Short story, available in anthology After Happily Ever After)

Austen & Dee have to get used to running a company together.

For ice queen Dee, running a company with her girlfriend, Austen, takes some getting used to, especially since Austen doesn’t deem knocking heads together to be a smart leadership choice.

When disaster strikes and their management styles clash, they are forced to work out how to be as good together as business partners as they are lovers.

A short story sequel to lesbian romance Under a Falling Star.

Tropes & themes:

  • Workplace romance
  • Ice queen
  • Established relationship
  • Donut bribes

Wrong Number, Right Woman


An accidental text changes everything for shy butch Denny.

Shy Denny has a simple life as a cashier who helps raise her niece. Then she gets a wrong-number text from a stranger named Eliza, asking her for dating advice.

Eliza, the queen of disastrous first dates, finds an instant connection with Denny that makes her question everything…like just how straight she really is.

A slow-burn lesbian romance with likable characters and low angst.

Tropes & themes:

  • Low angst, feel-good story
  • Age-gap romance
  • Character is attracted to a woman for the first time
  • Character with love handles
Lucky Yellow Shoes by Jae

Free download


Lucky Yellow Shoes

(short story, available in FREE anthology Glimpses)


Denny is planning a Christmas surprise.

Denny is planning to propose to Eliza on Christmas Day, but she needs some help finding the perfect ring. Will it all go according to plan, or will she end up being the one surprised?

“Lucky Yellow Shoes” is one of 8 f/f short stories you can download for free in the anthology Glimpses.

Tropes & themes:

  • Shy character
  • Butch/femme
  • Holiday short story
  • Romantic proposal
Chemistry Lessons by Jae

Out in August 2021

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Chemistry Lessons



Chemistry teacher Regan and her best friend, Kylie, set out to prove that there’s zero chemistry between them.

If science teacher Regan knows one thing, it’s chemistry, and she’s sure there’s none between her and best friend Kylie, no matter what everyone else thinks.

To prove it, they agree to go on three dates.

When a good night kiss turns passionate, will they risk losing their friendship for a chance at love?

A beautiful friends-to-lovers lesbian romance.

Tropes & themes:

  • Best-friends-to-lovers romance
  • Character is a teacher
  • Meddling friends & family
  • Tree house kisses
The Principal's Office by Jae

Free download
available in August

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The Principal’s Office

(Free short story)


Regan and Kylie need to tell Regan’s boss that the gossip about them is no longer just rumors.

Chemistry teacher Regan and her childhood best friend, Kylie, are no strangers to visiting the principal’s office.

When they were growing up, mischievous Regan often got them in trouble at school.

But this time, their trip to the principal’s office has a very different reason: they need to tell Regan’s boss that the gossip about them is no longer just a rumor.

Tropes & themes:

  • Best-friends-to-lovers romance
  • Character is a teacher
  • Cool boss
  • A school bus named Bertha

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