The winner of my lesbian romance “Just Physical”

lamb-502557_640Wow. I have to say, my in-box was really full over the last couple of days. Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway to win a signed copy of my newest lesbian romance novel, Just Physical.

The correct answer to the question (what song did Jill hum to distract herself while Crash helped her out of the stunt harness) was: “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

I just drew the winner.

Her name is Carola, and it seems she’s from the Netherlands, so a fellow European.

Carola, I’ll contact you via e-mail.

Everyone else, please check back regularly for more giveaways. I’m giving away at least one copy of all of my newly published books. Of course, you could also sign up to my newsletter/blog so you won’t miss a giveaway. Just enter your e-mail address into the sign-up box to the right and click “subscribe.” I won’t be spamming you; I promise.

The Romance Bet by Jae

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