butch butch couple

Book with a butch/butch pairing (Book Unicorn post #1)

For the first Book Unicorn category, I’d like you to read a book about two butch women falling in love or being in an established relationship with each other.

For the unlikely case that you aren’t sure what being butch means: Stonewall defines it this way: “Traditionally, in lesbian culture, the word ‘butch’ refers to a woman whose gender expression and traits present as typically ‘masculine’.”

When I put together a list of books about a butch/butch couple, I was amazed about how few there are! I think this is pretty much the only category for which I didn’t manage to find 15 books. So if you know of any others, please leave a comment with the title and author, and I’ll add the book to the list.

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Book giveaway: Win a copy of my f/f romance Paper Love & a special package

My latest lesbian romance novel, Paper Love, has been out for a month now, and it’s been doing well. To celebrate, I put together a special giveaway package. As you might know, Paper Love is set in Freiburg, the city where I live, which is at the edge of the Black Forest. So the giveaway package is Black Forest-themed. It includes: A signed paperback copy of Paper Love, A bar of Black Forest chocolate with coffee-cherry filling, A packet of Black Forest wine gums, A Black Forest duck keychain (the hat is part of the traditional costume women wore in …

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