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F/F Romance Novel Glossary

If you’ve been part of a community for a while, it’s easy to forget that you’re using special terms, abbreviations, and acronyms that not everyone is familiar with. I’ve recently been reminded of that when a reader asked me what a “toaster oven” romance is, and another wanted to know what WLW stands for.

So I put together this handy glossary of f/f romance terms that you might find helpful.

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F/F Second Chance Romance Novels (Lesbian Book Bingo #25)

I can’t believe it’s already time for the “second chance romance” post—which will be the very last Lesbian Book Bingo post! The year has flown by, and although it was an incredible amount of work, I had a lot of fun with the book bingo. Thanks so much to everyone who left comments and sent in their bingo cards! Of course, a big thank-you also to the authors and publishers who participated. If you have completed one or several bingo cards and haven’t sent them in yet, please email me before December 31 and I’ll add your card to the …

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