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sapphic thrillers

Sapphic Thriller (Book Unicorn #6)

It’s time for another Book Unicorn category: sapphic thrillers! 

A thriller is a suspenseful, fast-paced novel with high stakes—if the protagonist doesn’t stop the villain, her life or even the fate of the world might be in danger.

There are several subgenres such as action thriller, spy thriller, crime thriller, disaster thriller, legal thriller, medical thriller, supernatural thriller, and psychological thriller.

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Jae crossword puzzle

Solve the Jae crossword puzzle and win an ebook of your choice

  Sharpen your pencils and your minds: It’s International Crossword Puzzle Day—a great opportunity to prepare for the upcoming F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge, which will start on January 1. To help you prepare, I came up with a “Jae” crossword puzzle. Some of the clues are a bit challenging, but I’m confident that most of you will be able to solve it. Pro tip: You’ll find the answers to most clues on various pages of my website, including the FAQs.   Win an ebook of your choice! To make it even more interesting, I’ll turn the crossword puzzle into a …

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