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Sapphic Thriller (Book Unicorn #6)

It’s time for another Book Unicorn category: sapphic thrillers! 

A thriller is a suspenseful, fast-paced novel with high stakes—if the protagonist doesn’t stop the villain, her life or even the fate of the world might be in danger.

There are several subgenres such as action thriller, spy thriller, crime thriller, disaster thriller, legal thriller, medical thriller, supernatural thriller, and psychological thriller.

age gap romance

Age gap romance (Sapphic Reading Challenge #21)

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge features age gap romance novels–meaning there’s a significant age gap between the two main characters. People’s definitions of what constitutes a “significant age gap” vary, but for the purpose of this reading challenge, one main character needs to be at least 8 years older than the other.

coming out later in life

Books about coming out later in life (Sapphic Reading Challenge #18)

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge post is all about characters who come out later in life. For the purpuse of this reading challenge, let’s define “later in life” as a character who’s in her 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Pick a book in which the protagonist comes out as LGBTQIA, either because it took them longer to figure out they aren’t straight or because they were struggling to come out to friends and family.

longer lesbian books

Longer sapphic books (Sapphic Reading Challenge #13)

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge category features longer books. Of course, “longer” is a pretty subjective term. For this reading challenge, “longer” means any book that is at least 120,000 words. 

Publishing professionals define the length of a book by its word count, not by the number of pages. That’s because the page count can be misleading since the number of pages depends on the font, the font size, the margins, the page size, etc. 

If you can’t find the word count for the book you’d like to read, go for books that have at least 350 pages. 

If you listen to audiobooks, pick one that has a length of 12 hours or more.