sapphic books set in the 20th century

Sapphic books set in the 20th century (Sapphic Reading Challenge #46)

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge features sapphic books set in the 20th century. 

We had an earlier post covering sapphic historical fiction, but this category is more specific: It includes only books that take place between the years 1901-2000.

In my recommended books list below, I picked one or several books set in each decade of the 20th century, starting with the 1900s and wrapping up with the 1990s. 

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Lesbian historical fiction (Lesbian Book Bingo #2)

If you haven’t heard of the Lesbian Book Bingo before now, it’s not too late to join! In short, it’s a year-long reading challenge where you’re trying to read one book for each square on the bingo card—and you can win great books while doing it. If you need to brush up on how Lesbian Book Bingo is played, check out the rules.   I’ll post suggestions for a new square on the first and third Thursday of each month. Today, I’ll be covering the “historical fiction” square. Part of the fun and the challenge of the Lesbian Book Bingo …

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Writing hours in January 2016

Two “writing hours” posts in two days… That has to be a first! :-) The first month of 2016 is over. It wasn’t the most pleasant start into the new year–the cold from hell kept me up with almost no sleep for several days in a row–but all in all, I can’t complain. I crossed the 100,000-word mark in my work-in-progress, Shaken to the Core, on the last day of January. Here’s the shiny new blurb for the novel: Kate Winthrop, the only child of a wealthy shipping magnate, has the course of her life charted for her by her parents. …

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Hidden Truths is now available!

After months of hard work, I’m pleased that it’s finally time to publish my historical romance novel Hidden Truths. Here’s the blurb: “Luke” Hamilton has been living as a husband and father for the past seventeen years. No one but her wife, Nora, knows she is not the man she appears to be. They have raised their daughters to become honest and hard-working young women, but even with their loving foundation, Amy and Nattie are hiding their own secrets. Just as Luke sets out on a dangerous trip to Fort Boise, a newcomer arrives on the ranch—Rika Aaldenberg, who traveled …

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Beyond the Trail is available!

When my novel Backwards to Oregon was first published, I got a lot of feedback mails with readers asking me if I would ever write a sequel. Back then, I said no. Well, I should have listened to the saying “never say never.” Not only did I write a sequel (Hidden Truths, which will be republished by Ylva Publishing some time in the future), but I also wrote a number of short stories about Luke and Nora. There were so many interesting facets of the characters’ lives that I couldn’t explore in Backwards to Oregon. How and why did Luke start disguising herself …

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Backwards to Oregon — new release and giveaway

Backwards to Oregon was an important milestone in my personal journey as a writer. It was the first original novel that I wrote in English. When it became the “story of the year” on The Athenaeum in 2007, I received hundreds of e-mails with feedback from readers. With that kind of encouragement, I took the first tentative steps toward publication. Even though I had written other novels before, Backwards to Oregon was the first book I published. I will never forget how it felt to hold a copy of it in my hands for the first time. So it’s no wonder …

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