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character works in the food industry

Sapphic character works in the food industry (Sapphic Reading Challenge #34)

This week’s Sapphic Reading Challenge category features characters who work in the food industry. The protagonist could be a chef, a baker, a pastry chef, a waitress, or a caterer, or maybe they own a restaurant, a bakery, an ice cream shop, or some other yummy place.

People working with beverages count too for this category, so the main character could also work as a barista, a bartender, a winemaker, etc.

Most of the books on the list below are foodie romances that might cause some serious food cravings and are best enjoyed with a snack of your choice!

Lesbian foodie romance (Lesbian Book Bingo #10)

It’s time for another popular subgenre: lesbian foodie romances!   Foodie romance novels—sometimes also called culinary romances—are romance novels in which food and the preparation of food are an integral part of the plot. Usually, at least one of the main characters works in the food business as a chef, a chocolatier, a pastry chef, a bakery owner, a food critic, a restaurant manager, or a caterer. These delicious reads are sure to leave you hungry for more!   You don’t need to limit yourself to food-themed books. Think about beverages too! I would count books with characters who work …

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