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Your favorite authors' favorite sapphic books of 2022

Your favorite authors’ favorite sapphic books of 2022

At the end of each month, I always ask the readers in my Facebook group what their favorite sapphic book of the month was. As we are approaching the end of the year, I was curious about what my fellow authors’ favorite sapphic reads of 2022 were, so I asked some of the most popular authors for their top 3 sapphic books they read in 2022. It could be 2022 releases or previously published books they read or re-read this year.

To help guide you toward any new sapphic books you might have missed this year, I also had each author list their newest release.

Free choice square (Lesbian Book Bingo #11)

I initially hadn’t planned on putting together a list of recommended books for the “free choice” square of the Lesbian Book Bingo—after all, you’re completely free to pick whatever book you want for this square, as long as it has a female main character who’s attracted to women.
But I’ve been asked for …