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A recipe from “Perfect Rhythm”: Try an LGBTA sandwich

Did you know that today is National Sandwich Day? To celebrate, I made myself an LGBTA sandwich–the same type of sandwich that Leo makes for Holly in my latest lesbian romance novel Perfect Rhythm. Holly had come out to Leo as asexual in a previous scene, so Leo is trying to show her acceptance by preparing a special picnic for her. Here’s a short excerpt from Perfect Rhythm that explains what an LGBTA sandwich is:   Leo tugged Holly down next to her in the middle of the blanket and began to unpack and open containers. Soon, they were surrounded …

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Why LGBTQIA representation matters

Do you remember how it felt to discover lesbian books—novels with main characters you can identify with and who represent that part of yourself? For me, it was an eye-opening experience. I grew up in a tiny little town, with no openly lesbian, bisexual, or gay people around. Discovering lesbian fiction made me feel that I wasn’t alone—I wasn’t “abnormal.” There were other people just like me out there. I was like a little kid in a candy store and started to devour every lesbian book I could get my hands on. Thankfully, by then, it was the late ’90s,  …

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Celebrate National Coming Out Day with a scene from “Perfect Rhythm”

Today is National Coming Out Day, so I thought I’d share an excerpt from my latest romance novel, Perfect Rhythm. Perfect Rhythm is the story of Leontyne “Leo” Blake, a burned-out pop star who returns to her tiny hometown and gets to know her father’s nurse, Holly. In this scene, Leo has asked Holly out. Read on to see what happens…   “I’m sorry. I can’t go out with you,” Holly said. A flash of hurt crossed Leo’s face before it turned into the reserved mask Holly had seen in the beginning. “Can’t?” She sounded as if she was speaking …

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