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WLW & Lesbian Books from Bywater Books (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #11)

It’s time for another publishers edition! This week’s F/F Fiction Crossword Puzzle features novels from Bywater Books. Bywater publishes lesbian books, feminist-themed fiction, and narrative nonfiction from authors such as Ann McMan, Ellen Hart, Katherine V. Forrest, Marianne K. Martin, Anna Burke, and many more.   Read up on the rules If you are discovering the F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge only now, read up on the rules and prizes, then come back here and try to solve the Bywater Books puzzle. You can also still send in the solutions for the previous puzzles, including the “toaster oven” puzzle. Everyone who solves that …

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F/F romantic comedy (Lesbian Book Bingo #16)

Since more than half of the year is over, many readers are slowly starting to complete their Lesbian Book Bingo cards and asking me for recommendations for squares they haven’t yet filled. One of the categories that I get asked for recommendations most often is romantic comedy. Rom-com novels are pretty popular with many readers. Every once in a while, it’s just nice to get a change of pace from all the heartache and angst and to read a novel that will make you laugh out loud. 15 GREAT F/F ROMANTIC COMEDY NOVELS I’ve put together a list of 15 …

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Review — “Jericho” by Ann McMan

Syd Murphy, a librarian, relocates to the little town Jericho in Virginia after her almost-ex-husband cheats on her. A flat tire stops her before she even reaches Jericho, and she’s rescued by Maddie Stevenson, Jericho’s doctor. Maddie has returned to Jericho after her father, the local physician, died two years ago and she took over his medical practice. Syd and Maddie become fast friends, and Syd, who has only planned on staying for eighteen months to set up a library in Jericho, becomes more and more involved in the community. “Jericho,” Ann McMan’s debut novel, is a satisfyingly long read …

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