Signed copy of “Hidden Truths”

To celebrate the publication of Hidden Truths, I’m giving away two signed copies of Hidden Truths, and one signed copy of its prequel, Backwards to Oregon.

LBook Cover Hidden Truths

All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog or send me an e-mail (jae_s1978 AT, and I’ll enter you into the drawing.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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39 thoughts on “Signed copy of “Hidden Truths””

  1. I would like a signed copy. I have Backwards and would like to have the second to it. I have the first in print copy and even though I have an ebook prefer my books in print and a signed one is a hundred times better.

  2. Thanks for writing these wonderful stories, Jae.
    I would love to be lucky but if not, I’m glad of being able of sharing the moment here.
    Good luck with your new book!

  3. Jae,

    It has been a hell of a couple of years for you, hasn’t it? Congratulations on your new book. I know it’ll be a huge success! And I wouldn’t mind of copy of it to read…


  4. Jae,

    So glad to hear the long awaited sequel is ready! I can hardly wait to continue the saga of Luke and her family.


  5. Hey Jae! Very excited about the new book. Even if I din’t win, I still would like and autographed copy of Hidden Truths. Let me know how to go about getting one please!


  6. Hi, Jae.
    I would be so honored if you pick my name to receive the free copy of Hidden Truths. I enjoyed Backward to Oregon so much I’ve reread it twice and I can’t wait to add Hidden Truths to my bookshelf.

  7. My new eBook reader is in the mail, and as soon as it gets here the first thing I’m buying is an ecopy of Hidden Truths–regardless of whether or not I win the print copy, which I would love to put next to the twice-read Backwards.

  8. I have ‘Backwards to Oregon’ on my to be read bookshelf along with ‘Second Nature’, ‘Conflict of Interest’, and ‘Next of Kin’. I guess I better start with ‘Backwards to Oregon’ so that I will be up to speed for the sequel.

  9. Just finished Backwards for the second time, loved it. Would love signed copy of new book. Also wanted to say how much I enjoyed your other series. Hoping for a trilogy with Conflict of Interest and Next of Kin.

  10. I love Backward to Oregon and am looking forward to reading Hidden Truths! Definately add me to the giveaway contest! Thanks Jae for all you give us to read!!
    Take care,

  11. Congrats on the new book, Jae. I would love a chance to win a signed copy of either book. Please enter me in the drawing. Also, I read the Blue Hour a couple of days again & enjoyed it a lot.

  12. Jae,

    Been eagerly waiting for this one to come out. Can’t wait to see what the final product looks like. I didn’t enjy westerns before reading these two stories. Thanks for putting them out there.

  13. Love your books. Have read Backward to Oregon and Conflict of Interest. Thanks for all the wonderful hours of reading. Looking forward to reading your other books.

  14. I’m so glad Fran H. turned me onto your books, Love the conflict series and westerns which are my favorite, can’t wait for hidden truth, thanks for all your updates and post.

  15. I’d treasure a signed copy, the one I just ordered would make a wonderful gift for someone else. Thanks for the long books which provide hours of entertainment.

  16. I absolutely loved Backwards to Oregon, Conflict of Interest and Next of Kin. I’d be honored to get a signed copy! Thanks for writing these fascinating characters!

  17. Hello Jae,

    I believe I have read all your books and stories with the exception of “Second Nature” that I have not read yet. And I have to say that I am particularly fond of “Backwards to Oregon”, a book quite large by certain standards but so enjoyable to read. I did read again certain sections a few times, usually completely random ones, just because that was a way to reconnect to the story. The same way I enjoyed the short sequel of “Backwards to Oregon” that was published on the Bards website if am not mistaken.

    So Yes please to add me to that lucky draw of a signed copy of Hidden Truths!!


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