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Sapphic September

Sapphic September

If you are participating in Sapphic September, I thought I would help you find books that fit the prompts by making a list of how my books fit into the readathon.


What is Sapphic September?

Sapphic September is an annual, month-long readathon celebrating sapphic books. It’s hosted by Landice aka @ManicFemme and Lexi aka @EvilQueenReads, using the hashtag #SapphicSeptember on Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Readers can fill the prompts by either reading books that fit the squares or by posting a photo/video of a sapphic book that fits it.


How do my books fit into the Sapphic September categories?

Since I have written a total of 23 novels, I’m not going to list every novel that fits but just pick a few to make it less overwhelming.

Here’s how my novels fit into the Sapphic September categories:

  • Plus-Sized Sapphics: Just for Show is a fake-relationship romance with a plus-sized main character, while Wrong Number, Right Woman is a low-angst romance featuring a butch character with love handles.
  • Indie or Small Press Author: All of my books since I’m publishing with a small sapphic press. If you’d like me to recommend a novel for this category, how about Something in the Wine since it was the first novel I published with Ylva Publishing? It’s a fake-relationship romance with an introverted main character who starts out thinking she’s straight.
  • Comfy Read: If you want a feel-good novel that is pretty much angst-free, I’d recommend Wrong Number, Right Woman.
  • Favourite Genre: Depends on your favorite genre: If you love contemporary romance, I’d suggest Wrong Number, Right Woman because it’s the number 1 top reader favorite among my contemporary romances. If you love historical romance, I suggest Backwards to Oregon, which is set on the Oregon Trail in 1851. If you love paranormal romance, I suggest Second Nature, the first book in my shape-shifter romance series.
  • Tropes that Start with the Letter F: Chemistry Lessons fits the friends-to-lovers trope. Just a Touch Away fits the forced proximity trope since an ice queen and a professional cuddler have to live together for 92 days before they can inherit a building. Just for Show and Something in the Wine fit the fake relationship trope. Paper Love fits the fish-out-of-water trope since the main character is a digital-loving snob trying to save a stationery store in my hometown, Freiburg in Germany.
  • Neuro-Divergent Sapphics: Just a Touch Away has a main character who, like I, has aphantasia, which is the inability to visualize. By the way, I have written a blog post about being a writer with aphantasia.
  • Adult if You Usually Read YA: all of my books.
  • Quick Read: In general, I’m known for writing loooong slow-burn romances, but I do have a few shorter works too. Departure from the Script, the first book in my Hollywood series, and my lesbian vampire romance Good Enough to Eat are my shortest novels. If you’d like to read a novella, I suggest my shape-shifter romance Manhattan Moon.
  • Butch, Masc, or Gender Non-Conforming Sapphics: Several of my books have butch characters. If you’d like me to pick one I haven’t mentioned yet, I’d say read my contemporary romance The Roommate Arrangement. It features Rae, a butch woman and former police officer who has lost one eye and is trying to cope with it. It’s in KU right now, so if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it at no additional cost.
  • Part of a Series: Many of my books are part of a series. Most can be read as a standalone since they have different main characters. My suggestion for the series prompt would be the Fair Oaks series, starting with Perfect Rhythm (burned-out pop star meets asexual small-town nurse). You can also check out my reading order for a complete list of all series.
  • Backlist Title: All of my books except for my newest, Just a Touch Away. If you want me to pick one, how about Damage Control? It’s a fun slow-burn romance in which celebrity actress Grace falls for the PR agent she hires to help her prove to the world that she’s straight.
  • Different Identity Than Your Own: Perfect Rhythm has an asexual main character; Just a Touch Away has a pansexual main character; Under a Falling Star has two lesbian main characters; The Roommate Arrangement has a bisexual main character; Backwards to Oregon has a gender-nonconforming character who would probably be identifying as nonbinary if that label had existed back in 1851.


More sapphic reading challenges?

I also made a list for how my books fit into the categories of two year-long reading challenges, the Sapphic Book Bingo and the I Heart SapphFic Reading Challenge.